10 Nov 2010


As lots of you are aware there are plenty of blog 'hops' to go to, many of which ask their participants to answer a question of one type or another which is where I got my inspiration for this post.

Take CRAZY FOR BOOKS BOOK BLOGGER HOP which I try to get to most Fridays who posed the question question:-

"What are your feelings on losing followers? Have you ever stopped following a blog?"

As you can imagine most bloggers answered by saying how they were upset to loose followers and yet understood that life happens and they try not to dwell on it (loosing followers that is). HOWEVER a few blogs answered in greater depth saying they were considering allowing only followers of their blogs to enter their competitions/giveaways.

Umm, I have very mixed thoughts about this. On the one hand why shouldn't followers be rewarded? But then what about the people who are regular visitors/regularly leave comments but never actually sign up as followers? Then, on the other hand, isn't it better to have 'true' followers who visit simply because they want to and not just to enter a competition/giveaway perhaps never to visit again?

I'm very aware that in writing this I may risk offending people - that, believe me, is not my intention - I'm merely interested in your thoughts on followers.

Then there was READERBUZZ who mentioned a question posed by the hop they visited, LITERARY  BOOK HOP , which was answered partly by a question of their own:-

"How did you find your way to literary fiction?"

Interesting question! From an early age I can remember sitting on various knees sharing a story - indeed many of the earliest photographs of me show me with a book (albeit a cloth one) in my hand. However, my first real 'grown-up' experience would have been at primary school when I was perhaps 4 or 5.

Every week we were sent with 10p to save for when the Book Lady came which was about every 3 to 4 months. I can remember the excitement of seeing box upon box of books being unloaded and put on display in the school hall, the excitement of clutching my handful of change deciding which book I should pick.

The first book I can remember buying? The Pebbles Go to Town. How I'd love to be able to remember the author, to own a copy of that very book but alas all our searching has come to nothing.

So, I'll ask you the same question, how did you find your way to literary fiction?

Which brings me to the third question of this post:-

Dr Antony asks "how do you choose your books?"

As I think I may have mentioned before I have my favourite genres (don't we all?) but I consider myself a fairly eclectic reader who, generally speaking, is willing to give most types of books a go - at least once.

I have authors who I follow (Philippa Gregory and Kathy Reichs to name but two), then I often read books that I would not normally read because they are book club reads, then there are the book recommended by you, my blogger buddies, the books that I pick up as ex-library stock because they are only 10 -25p and so worth a look and then, finally, there are the book that people pass onto me wanting my opinion and/or thinking I'll enjoy the story. Oh, not forgetting that I am only human and will occasionally pick up a book just because I like the cover or because OR because 'the world and it's wife' seems to be reading it (the Twilight books, Fallen) and curiosity gets the better of me.

As to how I choose what I'm going to actually read next. Generally if I have ordered a new book or received one as a gift I will read this as soon as possible. Book club reads/library books also take priority as I usually only have these for a month. As for the rest, it really does just depend on what takes my fancy at that moment.

What about you, how do you choose the books you read?


chitra said...

Mine is very simple. I like to read most of the stories set in Indian back ground as I can relate to them well. We have our library as we all love books and love to possess them. I think I got this habit from my dad.But I enjoy P. G Wodehouse and have at least 20 in my collection. I love humour and do not like serious stuff. Another think I enjoy is reading Asterix and his adventures.Again we do have about 30 odd comics in our library.My son is the voracious reader now.My hubby's reading has also come down.I loved answering your query. Do you buy the books or borrow from library. Here where I stay I don't have a good library.

Mary said...

These days I get most of my book recs from book bloggers. Another source is the local independent book store near me. The clerks really know their books.

Dizzy C said...

There is no system to how I choose my next book to read...
it can be any of the following

1. library requests obviously come first as it can take me between 3 and 21 days to read a book.

2. charity shop or exlibrary finds

3. the latest craze on blogs or other online book forums that I just have to read

**it does seem that my TBR shelves are the ones that get neglected and every now and then I feel guilty and read one of those, which got there by being a No 2 or No 3 choice that got shelved due to a better offer from the book world :)

Arti said...

As you said we all have our favorite genres... I mostly love thrillers and whodunnits... But it also depends on the author, who refered the book etc... One of my favorite authors is Munshi Premchand... A wonderful Indian author of the days gone by. His stories are very emotional and leave you with something to think about...
Have a great week PW...
Btw I just noticed on your blogroll that my latest post is showing 5 days ago?? I posted yesterday!!!

....Petty Witter said...

CHITRA: We actually have quite a good library service where we live and I really should make more use of it.

ARTI: As I said on your blog though I'm not sure my comment will reach you - Thanks for pointing out the problem with the blog roll. This seems to happen from time to time (why I don't know) but usually it is a problem with all sites and not just the one. I've tried to 'cure' the problem by erasing your blog from the memory (as if I could) and re-adding it but to no avail. I don't know what else to try - help!!!

Boonie S said...

Re Followers: Interesting question. I don’t like losing followers, but it is their choice. As long as I know that several people are reading my blog I don’t really think too much about statistics.

Have a nice day, Boonie

R. Ramesh said...

google has not ben able to replace books as such as of now...but dunno what the future holds..letsc..thanks friend..:)

Christina Lee said...

A lot of times it's by recommendation, or the first page. I did a post once about the follower thing. It is definitely a sensitive subject!

Arti said...

Thanks for leaving your comment, recieved it twice. Is it a regular problem with you posting a comment or was it a one off case? Not being a tech kind of a person, Whats with google blogger, it is just so out of my mind. And, I really dont know what to do? Anyways, hope everything is fine soon.

MOLLYC said...

Do you have a Kindle? It has changed my life. I now read all sorts of free books that I find in the Kindle store. And the convenience of shopping for books while in my pjs in bed is wonderful. Have you noticed that if I can do it in PJ's, it seems just so much better to me? I have to say once again that this blog is one of my all time favorites. xo molly

budh.aaah said...

Well I totally agree what you had to say about the followers. Then I dont know I satrted very young reading stuff I didnt even understand - I was so in love with reading. My Pa used to tell Ma to keep an eye on what the child had in her hand (appropriate or not).

I must have something to read and when there is nothing , then frankly anything I can lay my hands on - will do :)
I love fiction, fantasy, vampires. I loved reading 'Duma key' maybe because of the art connect, and one of my fave's is 'The lord of the rings. I have read it twice which I dont usually do and think that the book is far far better than the movie.'

Misha1989 said...

Since I have started blogging, I select most of my books on blogger recommendations. There are some authors whose books I will always read but thanks to blogs, I have discovered so many new authors.

kavita said...

I love reading thrillers like Ludlum ,Dan Brown .Other than that I follow reviews from magazines and blogger friends like you:)
Thanks for visiting my other blog and leaving such encouraging words.Coming from you that means a lot :):)

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

I love reading books that I can relate to. Other than that I love reading supernatural stories, and biographies as well.

As for followers:
In a strange way it feels GOOD to see people are following you.
So losing them kind of feels disappointing.
Don't you think?

Big big hugs,

B xx

GMR said...

I'm of two minds on this first one too....follower numbers mean a lot to publishers/authors and bring a smile to our faces when we see it has risen or a fleeting frown when it drops. It's a hard balance. As for the contests, I generally leave the follow as an option for more points....in this way, if you follow I figure you're going to actually swing by to read the posts, if you don't...eh, no worries, still happy to have you around.

Choosing my next read...well after the "must reads" that I've received are read I usually let my eyes do the walking (unless I have one I'm simply dying to read as was the case recently and yeah, it was read, RIGHT THEN). Happy reading....however it is you choose. ^_^

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I look at the cover and if I like it/am intrigued, I'll pick it up, read the back, and flip through and read the first paragraph to get a feel for the author's voice. It's an intricate process. :)

I loved these questions!

I looked up The Pebbles Go To Town, and found a site that looks like it has it...says it's by Michael Cooper. Does that sound right? If you want to look at the site, type in www.AbeBooks.com. Hope that's it!

SG said...

Re: Followers. I have 27 followers. But only 6 of them even visit my posts and read.

Couple of people stopped visiting my blog because i allowed some others (whose comments they don't like) to comment on post.

naida said...

I tend to read whatever strikes my fancy at the moment and I do find alot of book recommendations thru fellow book bloggers also.

As far as followers go, I'm flattered if I'm being 'followed', but I really dont dwell on that.


Kristina Barnes♥ said...

As for followers, I'd prefer people who are interested in my reviews or what I have to say rather than just getting followers from giveaways. I know there are blogs who primarily attract visitors to their blog from giveaways and that works for them, so good for them. But I want people who actively come back and that I could make friends with, rather than people who want free stuff. At the same time, though, I like rewarding my followers for sticking with me. Though I have a few people who don't follow but come back every now and then, so it's tricky. Usually, if I recognize a face, I'll add up extra points without outwardly stating it.

I choose my books based on other peoples' opinions now. I go through a lot of book blogs a day, and read tons of reviews on Goodreads, so I tend to read books that others have liked and/or recommended to me. I would have never found out about the Hunger Games trilogy any other way. :)

Also, you've received an award at my blog! http://frazzledbooknommer.blogspot.com/2010/11/awards-part-deux.html

Alison said...

I can see the logic of requiring followers because you don't want a winner to be someone who doesn't really care about your blog. I know I've been pleased when I've recognized the names of winners of my giveaway (I use random selection). But at the same point, it does seem harsh to require following. Hard to say.

Kelly said...

Maukie's new little friend, Suzy, is SO cute!!! I'll have to play with her now, too, when I visit!

Suko said...

Petty, I will answer at least some of your questions! :)

When I host a giveaway, I offer an extra chance for followers (new or old) but you don't have to be a follower to enter my giveaways. With so many wonderful blogs out there, I want to give people a reason to return to my site, and I think followers are more apt to return.

My home was filled with great literature because my parents are both readers, so I was exposed to wonderful books at a very young age.

I read a variety of books for a variety of reasons; sometimes it is as simple and "random" as which particular book crosses my path. :)

NRIGirl said...

Hi Petty! First of all thank you for the hopping music. I quite enjoyed it while reading the post.

Now, to answer your questions, of course I am thrilled :) to see a new follower, so far haven't lost any, but I think I will be sad :( to see the #s dwindling down

2nd question is not quite applicable to me so I will skip that.

I pick my books depending on my mood. My interest has changed over the years from comic to fiction to Tom Sayer kind to now biographies... Every now and then I would read a religious one too. But every single day I read what the kids read - Flat Stanley or the equivalent.

When kids complain they are bored, I would say, "You can never get bored as long a you can read or as long as you have some work to do around the house". I keep a basket of books in every rest room and set an example reading often, slowly the kids have warmed up to the idea and seem to be enjoying it much.

I love to read, but lately not much time to read. That's one reason why I frequent your blog - it kind of gives me the satisfaction that I read that book.

Mhmm... looks like this turned out like a guest post in itself. Hope it is alright.

Looking forward to more reviews from you.

I wish to ask you one question:
Have you thought of writing your own book?

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

What insightful and thoughtful questions and answers, Petty Wit! Hmm, how do I choose the books I read, it's everything from task driven i.e. cookbook, craft, etc. or I love a certain author or series and want to continue with them. Also, I browse the stacks and the "new arrivals" section to see what catches my eye. Also recommendations from friends like you!

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Re.the whole followers/blogger thing, to me it's quality, not quantity. I am more about connecting, sharing, and being genuine. I have downloaded the stats counter, just not my thing. Thank you again.

R. Ramesh said...

hi friend..here's sending all the positive vibes of laughing buddha virtually...hope to receive some pleasant news from you soon..best wishes always buddy..keep the cheers:)

Jenners said...

I have to say that blogging is now responsible for many of the books I'm picking up now. I used to just kind of wing it.