8 Nov 2010


Those of you who saw yesterdays post will no doubt have noticed the (albeit out-sized) flat cap modelled by Husband dearest is hardly the height of fashion these days - come to that, was it ever? Yes, and what's more .......

Flat caps, once the preserve of northerners and old men, are enjoying a resurgence thanks to a host of celebrity wearers (such as) David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and, of course, the return of the Tetley Tea Folk to English television screens.
In 571 an Act Of Parliament to boost domestic wool production decreed that all men and boys over six should wear a 'cap of wool manufacture' on Sundays. The bill was not repealed until 1597. - James Hall.

Also set to make a come-back but not as we knew it - the hula hoop.

Spinning a weighted hula hoop around the waist  is expected to become the latest sitting room exercise trend.
The hoops, popular with children in the 1950's and 1980's are now being marketed as a fitness tool (with) the country's biggest supermarket selling a heavier hula hoop which it claims can burn off 200 calories in half an hour if spun continually by the user. - Henry Wallop.

And talking of toys ........

A shop owner who failed o sell a cuddly toy lion for 40 years finally received an offer - but turned it down because he had grown found of the toy.
The 3ft lion went on display for £350 in 1970 but never attracted a buyer (until) two weeks ago when someone offered to buy it for charity but shop keeper, Colin Morris, said "He is just too precious."

Remember me telling you last week of the man who had converted his mobility scooter so that it went at speeds of up to 69mph instead of the usual 8? Hardly any wonder then that .....

A police force has started the first safety course for mobility scooter riders.
Norfolk Constabulary devised the Safe Scoot campaign after complaints about pensioners poor road safety awareness.

And talking of 'crime' - have a guess what the latest crime wave to hit England is. Coming up to Christmas I would say fake goods such as 'designer' perfumes, bags and CD's/DVD's that weren't all they seemed. Wrong! The latest crime wave is .........

Designer prams.

The pushchair 'black market' is now worth £60 million a year, with demand fuelled by fashion-conscious parents who want the latest models but cannot afford to buy them.
(With) some buggies costing £459on the high street but only a fraction of that second hand, some parents purchase legitimately but others buy stolen items from 'dubious' sources.
One insurance agent said "It may seem surprising that thieves would stoop so low, yet it appears the increasing value of baby prams has caused parents to become a target for thieves."

This next article may prove upsetting to those of a certain disposition and especially children.

French parents have sought to ban a television commercial in which a father tells his adult son that Father Christmas does not exist, claiming that it has traumatised their children (as it would.)
The 20-second clip was shown during a commercial break on TFI, which was broadcasting the family film, Ratatouille, provoked outrage among parents who are calling on the advertising watchdog to ban the clip.
In their FaceBook page they said "What can we tell our little kiddies in front of the TV who see their dream smashed by thoughtless people?"
A child psychologist told the website that the Father Christmas denial could have the same effect of a 'bomb' on a child. - Henry Samuel.

BUT  all's well that ends well ........... it has been agreed that the advert will only be shown after 8.30pm.

Please note:- All of todays articles came from The Daily Telegraph and appeared between Thursday the 4th of November and Saturday the 6th of November 2010 with all journalists names given where possible.


Anonymous said...

Gosh..that was some video ...

Vivienne said...

We have just this year told our girls about Father Christmas and I ma quite relieved to have done it. I feel bad for lying so blatantly to them for years.

I like the story about the stuffed lion. It must be a bitdusty now though.

chitra said...

I am back, had been to my home town to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights..
The video is interesting.

Dizzy C said...

We are not in the North but East Anglia and flat caps are popular in the countryside with farming and horseracing.
My son (now 13) has been wearing one occasionally as he likes to be different to his friends. My grandad used to wear a beret until he retired when he changed to flat cap. Interesting article.

I too heard about the black market in prams! Big business. I know some mums will have 2,3 or 4 prams before their child walks everywhere! Not me, I chose one decent pram/pushchair and then a folding buggy. These prams can be £200 to £500!!


Christina Lee said...

well, David Beckham can wear a potato sack and look good in it ;-)

Kelly said...

I was great with a hula hoop as a child, but I'm not sure I could still do it now.

Clever video! I enjoyed it.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

What?! Of course Father Christmas exists! O.o

Just stopping by. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I guess tagging brings people together. :)

Suko said...

Petty, I enjoyed this whole post, including the YouTube, but that story about the stuffed lion made me chuckle. :D

Jenners said...

What the heck were they thinking with the whole Father Christmas thing? I know kids who stay up past 8:30 who still believe and could see it!

GMR said...

Good grief...well Mom always says that if you wait long enough EVERYTHING comes back around....case in point right here. *shakes head*

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Too bad all stains can't be as precise as that coffee (or whatever it was) in the ad!

Why would they tell children that though?! I don't encourage lying, but come on, children LOVE waking up and thinking, "Santa got me a ton of STUFF!"

I used to wake up at four a.m. to open presents. (Haha, still do if I can.) It's really rude of them to ruin that.

Dorte H said...

Of course flat caps are smart. My younger daughter bought one just last week :D

A said...

Always fun to read your collection..Thanks