25 Aug 2010


As I've mentioned several time Husband dearest and I have a 14 year old German Student, LISA, staying with us until the end of the month. Not too confident about writing a post for Pen and Paper (why I'm not too sure as her English is probably better than mine) Lisa was happy to answer some of the questions put to her.

You've been to England before, London wasn't it?
(Nods head)
A bit of a naughty question, do you prefer London or Newcastle?
That's difficult. Newcastle is better.
London has got good shops but is too busy, dirty and noisy.

Do you understand the language and in particular us Geordie's?
Yes, I understand the language because we learn it in school but I don't always understand Geordie.

I know you have been reading Harry Potter in English. Did you enjoy it and who is your favourite character?
Oh God! Yes, harry Potter is one of the best books I've ever read. Ooh my favorite character? (Thinks) Serius Black, the dog I think because he always tries to help Harry and never leaves him alone.

We went to see Eclipse, what was it like hearing how the actors actually spoke?
I liked Eclipse better than New Moon.
You saw this in German?
Yes, last November I think.The actor's voices were quite different because I have never heard them before.
So, are you an Edward or Jacob girl?
Hard to say. I don't like Edward, he's cold, pale and unfriendly. I like Jacob better, he is always friendly and he laughs a lot. I've got three favourite characters. Alice is different then the other girls and that's ok. Emmit is a good friend and tries to help whenever he can but the best is Riley.
Riley? But he is a baddie.
I don't think so. When Victoria changed him into a vampire she always told him she loved him and he believed her.
So you felt quite sorry for him?
Yes, because until the end he fought for her love and died knowing she played with him.

You don't eat meat or fish. How have you found the food in England?
(Laughs) Food shops are great, they have more choice than in Germany.

We know you don't like marmite, who does? What food have you enjoyed?
Ooohh. I like peanut butter and blackcurrant jam.
Urgh, no. I like the different sorts of crisps because we don't have them in Germany.

English people like to talk about the weather, how have you found it?
The weather? The weather here isn't really good. It rains too much in my opinion and when the sun is out it isn't really warm.

Anything you really do or don't like about England?
(Smiles) If I say something wrong they won't let me back into Germany (Laughs). I really like peanut butter which we can't find in Germany and I really liked the coast and York and I've never heard so many accents in one place which is great of course.
Ok. We know you don't like the rain, anything else?
Marmite and that you drive on the wrong side of the road.

What has been your favourite activity so far?
Oh? (Thinks then swears in German) Oh, I haven't got a best, I liked it all, York and the coast.

Arti asks how you say goodbye in German.
We have different ways. Auf wiedersehen means see you later. Tscüss, ciao which haven't got a special meaning. Bis bald which means see you soon. That's it.

OK, thanks Lisa.


Boonie S said...

Very interesting. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonie

chitra said...

Thanks for sharing an interesting Q& A session with Lisa.

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Love this one!
Lisa looks like an intelligent girl.
Love her answers!

Have a great day!

Great big hugs,
B xx

Nina said...

Fun! :)
I love London, but I also love Amsterdam and Berlin. mmmm..big cities..:) Anway, great questions and great answers.

Auf wiedersehen!!

Arti said...

Nice to know about Lisa.. She seems to be very intelligent and answered all questions nicely(some even diplomatically!) Thanks for teaching me a bit of german at the end...
Ciao, Bis bald:)

Dorte H said...

Great interview!

Grüsse aus Dänemark, Lisa.

Clarissa Draper said...

Very interesting answers. I love blackcurrant jam!


Suzanne Jones said...

Brilliant post - great to learn more about Lisa.


Kelly said...

This was a fun post! Thanks for a clever way of letting us get to know Lisa a little better.

I agree with her....Eclipse was better than New Moon.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Awesome! Especially the part where she loves peanut butter. Personally, I've never met anyone who hasn't had it before, unless they were allergic! Very interesting.

As for the bit about Eclipse, I've never thought of Riley that way! I don't think I'll ever watch him in that movie the same again. :)

awitchtrying said...

No peanut butter? Oh no! Do they have almond or cashew butter? This is very important! :)

GMR said...

Nice post! Interesting insight there on Riley (of course you knew I had to comment on the Twilight portion.....TEAM EDWARD, wahoo!)....very true! He was lied to the entire time. I hope you are all having a wonderful time....enjoy the experience Lisa! ^_^

Alexia561 said...

Nice interview! It's nice to get to know a little more about Lisa. Hope you are all enjoying her visit!

Jenners said...

How wonderful that you interviewed her. Though I need to point out that Edward isn't cold and unfriendly to BElla!