7 Jul 2010


Dedicated to Aine over at THE EVOLVING SPIRIT who dreamt up Inspirational Women Wednesday and  is recovering having had her gallbladder removed - I wish you well Aine.

The International Businesswoman - Sophi Tranchell.

Raised by activist parents who campaigned against APARTHEID and military dictatorships in South America, Sophi was introduced to social justice at an early age. "It was all I knew. I can't imagine not being passionate about it," she says. She immersed herself in campaigns at university and afterwards became chair of London Anti-Apartheid.

It was while she was running a firm that imported Latin-American films that she saw a job advert for a Fair trade chocolate brand and applied straight away. More excited about the project than her role within it - she was hoping for a marketing job - she was astonished to be offered the job of Managing Director.

Despite her previous lack of experience in food retail, Sophi has turned the unknown company into a household name. DIVINE is the first company co-owned by those who grow the raw product - the cocoa farmers in Ghana.

"Before I had even officially started I went to Ghana to meet the farmers. Ten years on, it's amazing to see the changes in their lives - not just from their earnings but from the pride and empowerment of being involved in an international company - they love having a head office in London!"

Sophi is also the founder of TRADING VISIONS, an education charity - SHE magazine.

Apologies - I was unable to bring you The Innovator as stated in last weeks post.

Having read all about THE JUGGLER, THE CHAMPION, THE SURVIVOR and THE HUMANITARIAN in previous posts, which women inspires you the most?


Arti said...

Sophi is an inspiration...my best wishes also to Aine..

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 100 followers..And the great read about another inspirational woman!

Heather said...

Thanks for offering to pop in and visit with the Queen for me. It was fun to go and wait in the hot sun for a glimpse of her. She did look lovely. I think she really enjoys getting out and seeing so many of her subjects (read: adoring fans). She had wonderful press here. The news interviewed dozens of people who were thrilled to have caught even a glimpse of her.

Jenners said...

How can you pick one woman over another? They are all so inspirational in different ways!

Tracie said...

Love these inspirational stories!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Yay for you-100 followers!!

Amazing post-I really can't decide who I'd choose...

Kelly said...

Each is so inspirational in her own right....too difficult to choose just one!!