16 Jun 2010


Inspired by Inspirational Women Wednesday, a meme I found so, well, inspiring I just had to join in, my thanks go to Aine over at THE EVOLVING SPIRIT for her wonderful posts on so many amazing women.
Starting last week with THE HUMANITARIAN, this week I bring you:-

Kelly Griffiths.

On 22 August 2006, Kelly was pulling away from traffic lights when she felt something tug at the back of her bicycle. She turned round to see a lorry bearing down on her and before she knew it she was under its wheels. When the police arrived, Kelly was lying in the road in her own blood and intestines, the skin and muscle torn off her left foot, ankle and lower abdomen and her pelvis broken. She was 28.

Today, four years and 26 operations later - during one of which Kelly almost died - she is finally on the mend. "The temptation to spiral into negative thoughts of 'why me?' was overwhelming, but I had to do something positive," she says.
So she resigned from her job as a corporate lawyer ans set up KELLY'S HEROES - a charity offering support to victims of road traffic collisions and their families. It now has 5 staff members.
Kelly is also a patient representative - championing patients' rights in National Health Service(NHS) trauma units - and with the government, giving presentations to doctors on how to help their patients. Kelly attributes her work to helping overcome her own trauma. "I have now embraced my scars: they're like a badge of honour, a sign that if I can get through something like that and come out the other side, I can get through anything." - SHE magazine.

NEXT WEEK - The Champion.


Arti said...

Kelly is really an inspirational woman...
Her thoughts are awe inspiring!!

Arti said...

And yes, forgot to add...
The new sober look of your blog is really refreshing...

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Inspiring post and a great woman!
Thanks for sharing :)
And I also thank you so much fot your lovely comments on my blog!
B xx

p.s. Love your new template!

Pam said...

I like the new look of your blog. What a great story of perseverance and courage.

purplume said...

Impressive. It makes me laugh that I complain about a hangnail. XD