1 Jul 2010


There were two articles in the papers over the week-end that caught my attention. Both about marriage, they were opposite sides of the same coin so to speak.

The first, in Saturday's Daily Telegraph, was about a marriage gone wrong and had me really, really angry.

"£5m for 10 years of marriage? It's just not enough"

A woman whose 10-year-old marriage to an oil and gas tycoon ended in a £5 million divorce payout claimed in court that the sum was "simply not enough."
Lawyers for (husband)  Mr Jones insisted the payout was fair following their "troubled" marriage. (READ FULL STORY)

Already with more money than most of us can dream about and with "A wardrobe of designer clothes and a taste for expensive cars," Mrs Jones "lives in an imposing pillared house on a private estate with several sports cars, each with personalised number plates, parked outside."

Not exactly a good advertisement for women. Of course one should never judge a book by it's cover or indeed believe everything that is written in the press, but Mrs Jones does not come out of this at all well (only £5 million richer.) It just makes my blood boil to think that whilst so many live in relative poverty, here is this woman not content with walking away from a marriage with all this money. Surely she should show some dignity and not further drag this through the courts - or is this me being too judgemental?

In total contrast was this article in the Sunday Sun.

"Lasting Memory is paid to loved wife."

A grieving pensioner has paid tribute to his late wife by laying the first pebbles engraved with her name in a new memorial garden.
The retired fireman wanted to leave a lasting tribute after he was moved by the care (his wife) Joan received at a hospice.
(Married to Joan for 56 years) Ken Allday had two natural pebbles engraved  in return for a donation to the hospice.
Both pebbles (one showing Joan's name, the other reading '1936 - 2010') now lie peacefully in the hospice's 'In Memory Garden'.
Ken said "When I pass away, my family will engrave a pebble in my memory. They can place it beside Joan's so that we can be together forever."

Such a moving tribute, it brought tears to my eyes that this couple shared a love that no amount of money (no, not even £5 million) could buy.


Jen said...

We don't know what kind of debts she has to pay with that 5m.

Boonsong said...

I agree with you on both points.
Thanks for this interesting post.

All the best, Boonsong

Trac~ said...

I also agree with you on both points - and if someone can't pay off their bills and still live comfortably with $5 million dollars just handed to them (so to speak) - then they need a money manager desperately! And what a sweet tribute for the couple married 56 years - how wonderful. Have a great day my friend! xoxoxo

chitra said...

Just here to say Hi.Take care

NabilaHazirah said...

1st article ---> greed maybe?

2nd article ---> :)


Anonymous said...

The second story is such a touching tribute. One would hope the couple in the first story experienced some kind of love during their marriage.

R. Ramesh said...

thanks ya...i was laughing so much after reading yr description of a tailor...:) take care friend..best wishes always

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

I couldn't agree more on both points.
The Saturday's Daily Telegraph article made me very angry.
The second one is just great!
~B xx

awitchtrying said...

I've never agreed with men paying alimony. He earned that money, what did she do to deserve it? I also hate to think of oil people or any single person having that wealth while so many suffer. What does anyone need 5 million for?
The pebbles- so sweet! That's so meaningful and it speaks of what an amazing and beautiful bond that couple must have had.
I would much rather come to the end of my life with a pebble than the end of a relationship with 5 mil.!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

You won't see ME complaining if anyone ever gave me five million dollars....unbelievable how conceited and luxurious some people become.

The second one was so sweet. Kind of makes you wish every marriage was like that.

Bad Alice said...

Hmmm, maybe she owes her dealer. It seems that once you get to a certain level of affluence, more than enough is never enough.

I love the tribute. How lovely to become part of a memorial garden, where people can find a little oasis of peace.

Pam said...

The second story is a wonderful tribute, the first woman sounds a little greedy to me.
BTW, a Mello Yello is a sickenly sweet citrus drink made by Coca Cola. It has enough caffiene and sugar to "choke a horse." (Silly southern expression.)

Alexia561 said...

The rich are different than you and me....and usually make me angry with their greediness and selfishness.

Love the second story! Very touching!

Kelly said...

That second story is so sweet and poignant!

The first....well, I have trouble understanding how people with that kind of money think they need more. They expect to continue living in the manner to which they are accustomed and, I think, often don't really know HOW to cut back! It might be sad if it weren't so irritating!

Bailey said...

Thanks for stopping by for the hop. Have a great weekend!

bibliophiliac said...

Hello Petty, I stopped by on the blog hop, & put you that much closer to 100 by becoming a follower;)

Alison said...

Hopping by to visit one of my favorite bloggers! Have a great weekend.

Dorte H said...

What a nice story about the old couple. And they have probably been much happier than the Joneses.

Martha said...

Lovely tribute in the memorial garden for a beautiful marriage.
Money sure can't buy love!

Jenners said...

Awww...you called it in your post title.

Lenore said...

Yes, quite the contrast!!

Diane said...

What amazing contrast indeed. I is hard to feel bad for the oil tycoons ex-wife IMO. However, the other story did indeed bring tears to my eyes.

Petty...Thank you so very much for stopping by today; it is always great to meet someone new and to share our love of books and stuff.

Have a great weekend.

Sanand said...

What an interesting and informative post! I too agree with your perspective on both the issues. As a lawyer, the one issue that I try hard to resolve is when parents want to divorce each other and then they start fighting in court for custody of the kid, more for winning over the other than coz of actual concern and love. These issues are serious because they affect the growth and development of children. Really good post.