12 Jul 2010


Thinking of a title for this post, an image came into my mind. An image of a young girl in a gingham dress, ginger ringlets in hair, screeching "I'll scream and scream 'til I'm sick." Except it never came out as that as the said girl had a lisp so what you actually heard was "I'll thcweam and thcweam until I'm thick."

Not just in my imagination, research led me to Violet Elizabeth Bott, the somewhat spoiled daughter of the local nouveau riche millionaire in Just William a BBC TV DRAMA based on the BOOKS  by RICHMAL CROMPTON.

Anyway, no real connection, I've never been known to stamp my feet and 'thcweam' until I'm sick (well not lately at any rate), I just wanted a title for my latest wish list and there was Violet Elizabeth Bott.

In terms of scale and quality, it is one of the finest collections of first edition books assembled in recent times, containing all of the great works of English literature, from Shakespeare's collected poems to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and James Joyce's Ulysses.
SOTHEBY'S recently announced it was to sell what it's specialist Peter Selley called "the most impressive collection of English literature assembled by any British collector in the last 30 or 40 years." - Mark Brown, the Guardian.

Hmm, perhaps a bit out of my price range. As is this .......

 £8,000 futuristic toilet pod.

A quiet and achingly stylish hygiene revolution kicked off in the bowels of a shop in east London, where rows of futuristic white pods crouched patiently, hoping to attract the attention of passing buttocks.
The pods - some functionally square, others gently contoured like the bills of tubby ducks - are among the most luxurious, modern and expensive toilet units in the world. Beneath their seamless exteriors, the machines conceal an arsenal of intimate hoses, sudden dryers and invisible deodorisers that make most loos seem medieval. - Sam Jones, the Guardian.

To be honest of much more appeal (and costing less money I would have thought) is the phone unlocked by the beat of your heart (how romantic is that?)

The beating of your heart could soon unlock mobile phones under plans by (who else?) computer giant Apple.
A PATENT APPLICATION filed by the manufacturer has disclosed that the firm is developing heartbeat sensors to put into portable electronic devices.
While the technology may be used to monitor the heart rate of people such as cardiac patients, the patent states that it could have wider uses. These include allowing the owner to unlock their phone or authorise financial transactions. - Richard Gray, The Telegraph.

And so onto something I wouldn't be so keen to have.

Fizzy cola milk. Yeah, that's right, fizzy cola milk.

A dairy farmer in New Zealand has taken on Coco-Cola in a dispute over his invention of fizzy cola-flavoured milk
Richard Revell, whose farmland is where HOBBITON was created for The Lord of The Rings films, has been banned from selling his 'MO2' drink at an agricultural show.


NabilaHazirah said...

fizzy cola milk? i would love to have a try on that! LOL!!


R. Ramesh said...

fizzy cola milk does sound interesting..i posted a comment earlier here..but dont c it..maybe tech hitch..anywy thanks my dear friend for staying connected..take care.best wishes always

Arti said...

Heartbeat sensors.. sounds interesting! But I am not too sure if I will want that!!

Marie said...

Fizzy cola milk? Ewww!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I don't know-I think my favorites were the "fizzy cola milk" and the toilets. I mean, who doesn't want an insanely expensive and hi-tech toilet?

Traci said...

Well right now my bus card is out of my budget but boy would I love that set of books!

And fizzy cola milk, huh? It reminds me of Laverne's famous Milk & Pepsi from Laverne and Shirley.

Alexia561 said...

Fizzy cola milk? How.... interesting.

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