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29 Jun 2010


Do you love anyone enough to give them your last rolo?

Inspired by a post on Jason's site (The Clarity Of Night) in which he discussed SWIMMY MOMENTS, moments that were warm and memorable, I felt the need to tell you this .....

It was 1995/6, I was engaged to be married, Husband dearest (or Fiance dearest as I suppose he then was) was going abroad for the first time (to take part in a playscheme for the children of British soldiers based in PADERBORN, Germany) and my favourite advert was for ROLO's (Click HERE to view, the ad is tucked away in the bottom left hand corner.)

"Do you love anyone enough to give them your last rolo?" was the slogan and, yes, it seems that Husband dearest did.

Arriving in the post was an empty (?) envelope. Had he forgotten to add his letter? What was that brown, sticky goo all over the inside of said envelope. Yeah, it was his last rolo. One of the most romantic things I've ever had happen to me, I don't know how many times I've bored, enthralled people with the telling of this story.

So come on who would you give your last rolo to and why? Oh and apologies to those who have heard the story before and to all those who didn't know HD was such a big softy at heart.


Boonsong said...

Lovely post!

I'd give my last rolo and anything else to my wife Mrs Somboon - I suspect for the same reasons that HD gave his to you.

All the best, Boonsong

NabilaHazirah said...

i'd give it to my Dad,because i love him and also because i'm such a daddy's girl! LOL! :D


R. Ramesh said...

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Sanand said...'s a typical lawyer response: "let me think about it, friend."

Jen said...

I'd give it to my daughter, or my best friend.

purplume said...

I am enthralled. I would give my last rolo to almost anyone.

What would be hard to give up? Hmm, my lobster dinner. I would only give that to someone very special, especially if I was hungry.

Betty said...

Love this post...and slogan.
I'd give my last rolo to my best friend I guess.
Tons of hugs,
~B xx

Trac~ said...

Awwww... how sweet and romantic! Sounds like you have a great man there my friend! :o) Yes, I would give my last rolo to husband dearest and the rest of my family and/or friends - including you! :o) Have a great day! I miss chatting with you but life has me so busy lately that I can barely keep up anymore. *sigh* Big hugs my friend! xoxoxo

Alison said...

How cute...I'd give all my rolos to my husband because he'd like them a lot more than me :-) But if it were M&Ms (or Smarties) it would be a harder decision. But...with a little hesitation...I do love him enough to give him my last M&M :-)

R. Ramesh said...

thanks friend:)

Tracie said...

That was a sweet story. I'd probably give my last Rolo to my BFF or I'd eat it myself.

Kelly said...

What a romantic!!

I've never heard that story before so I'm glad you shared it here.