15 Mar 2010


Hijacked by adwear (I stand corrected, Adware), I've been unable to blog for most of the week-end but I'm pleased to say it's now sorted and Pooter and I have been reunited thanks to Husband dearest without whom I'd still be sitting here, wondering just what I'd done and, more importantly, how I could fix it as even I could tell that using that old trick of switching the machine off and then on again wasn't going to work.

Actually it was fairly scary as, all of a sudden, as if by magic, a clock appeared, the screen went blank and a voice boomed at me "BE MOTIVATED".

Oh dear !!!!! (Or words to that effect).
Not a violent person by nature, I can't begin to tell you the things that went through my head with regard to the individual(s) who create such havoc. Ultimately though I just think its a huge shame that they don't put their 'talents' to good use instead of bad - enough said.
Assured by 'Blogger' that this could not be transmitted to any other blog, I, never-the-less, apologise for any inconvenience caused.
AND I wouldn't care but Thursday's offerings, in which I posted my take on some of the items to hit the papers, took me ages to do (and that was only the title). Still I suppose that's one of the good things about blogging, the post will still be there today and tomorrow and the next day and ..... the day after that.
That said, onto today's (which is, of course, THE IDES OF MARCH as well as Ma-In-Law's Birthday) post which was going to be a book review until I took 'the ladies prerogative' and changed my mind in favour of ...........
Yes that's right, today I'm going to be doing my world renowned impersonation but in order for this to work, you are going to have to work with me by listening hard and using just a little (Ok, a lot) of imagination.
"Don't push me! Don't push me!" *
No silly, not Sylvester Stallone, it's HUMPTY DUMPTY. **
* As quoted by fictional character John Rambo in RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD, a film, many of you, like me, may not have actually seen though you may well be familiar with the phrase as goodness only knows it has been used by enough impersonators/comedians over the years (or am I showing my age now?)
** Well that's Rambo sorted. I'm presuming most of you have heard of Humpty Dumpty but do you know the facts behind the fiction, the reality behind the rhyme? No? Me neither so click HERE to find out.


Dorte H said...

It is good to have you and your blog back in good shape!

I don´t get it either why so many people spend their time on spamming and spoiling other people´s pleasure.

themethatisme said...

AdWARE dear, AdWARE. I knew you'd get it wrong.

Traci said...

Welcome back!!! Here's to keepng Petty and her addictive blog well and happy. I will save my feelings regarding your hackers as my mother said not to say anything if I couldn't say anything nice. And no, I cannot say anything nice about them. But you, there are not enough words.....

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Welcome back!!!You were missed !!I totally agree with Dote H.
I hate it.
Hope you have a great week!
love and hugs

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

And thank you so much for your lovely comments!

Anonymous said...

Whew! Glad that has been handled and you are back at blogging. What a headache. Great trivia on Humpty, I particularly like the part where they surmise that Humpty is poor Richard III. He just will never be able to live down that hump...


Martha said...

I love learning about cross cultural references and fairy rhymes all in one post!

Alyce said...

I'm so glad you've got things figured out. Happy Ides of March!

Kelly said...

The Richard III theory was the explanation I've always heard.

..and I've seen Rambo along with at least one sequel. Not as good as the Rocky movies, imo.

I'm so glad to have you back again!! It's a shame folks that do stuff like that are so hard to catch!

Alexia561 said...

Glad to hear that everything was sorted out and all is now well. Afraid my tech skills are limited to turning it off then back on, so thank goodness for Husband Dearest!

Love the drum roll cartoon! :)

Trac~ said...

Ouch - sorry to hear about the adware but thank goodness for husband dearest and his ability to fix it up for you so you can get back to the bloggy land. Thanks for stopping by today and saying hello and for your sweet comments on my paint colors and house stuff. Sure, I'll come to your house and paint and decorate for you! :o)

The1stdaughter said...

Ugh...the woes of the computer! Sometimes it's just almost not worth it, but then again...yes it is! I'd miss so many people if it wasn't here!

Neat info about Humpty Dumpty by the way...I may just have to do a little more research...thank you!

Jenners said...

That computer mishap sounds a bit ominous but also somewhat amusing!

chitra said...

I too had such problems but I lost lot of photographs from my system:(