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13 Jan 2010


I'm so sorry but try as I might I simply can't get the spacings right on these poems and Pooter, for reasons of his own, is refusing to co-operate. So, much as I think of you all, I'm admitting defeat. I'm afraid it just isn't worth the frustration, the tantrums and, ultimately, the tears (and that's only Pooter, we won't even begin to talk about me) and so I'm going to provide a link to my FREEVERSE choice this week.


Written by HARRY MORANT, an Anglo-Australian who born in December 1864 was executed in February 1902, A Song is one of several poems including BUTCHERED TO MAKE A DUTCHMAN'S HOLIDAY which was the last he ever wrote.

Short and sweet this is a poem I really like and can empathise with for, like many others, I too have 'loved so' (or at least at the time I thought I did) a person who it turned out only loved me 'just a bit' (if at all).


Betty said...

Petty, Harry Morant's life was so interesting, and that is a good poem.
Have a lovely day!

chitra said...

I loved 'A Song'. Thanks for bringing it for your readers

Kate said...

Thats a great poem - thanks for posting. Kate xx

Jenners said...

I suspect we've all been in this situation of being the one who loved more. I liked this one!

Tina said...

I can't access the links from work and I'm internet free at home due to the storm! Again! So sorry if I don't manage to get to everything for a couple of days. I have spacing problems when I copy and paste from notebook. Is that whats happening to you? I fix it by having no paragraph spacing in notebook but just put them in after pasting the post. Sorry if that's all nonsense! Email me!

kiirstin said...

Short and sweet and melancholy. I like it!

Kelly said...

A new poet for me. I like this poem! (both are good, actually)

Trac~ said...

What a great poem - thanks for sharing! :o)

Valerie said...

Ahh, yes. I think we can all relate to this happening at one time or another in our lives! He says it so well, though!

I found that if I highlight the poem from the web, copy, then paste in my blogpost draft, then it may work and keep its original spacing. Of course I cite the link, too.