11 Nov 2009


To carry on with my REGIONAL theme which began yesterday and in conjunction with Cara over at Ooh ... Books! and her poetry meme FREEVERSE which this time looks at limericks, I thought I'd bring you POETRY ON THE METRO which as our local newspaper explains:

Travellers can now enjoy a series of poems by budding writers as they use the Metro.

Ten poems, which have been written by young people aged from nine to sixteen, have been mounted inside stations and carriages for a two-week festival called Poetry On The Metro which is part of the Juice Festival (now in its second year, it celebrates the creativity of children and young people with a series of events including workshops).

Based on the theme MY CITY, the project showcases the creative talents of youngsters.

Rachel Adam, artistic director of Newcastle-Gateshead Juice Festival said "The writers selected to have their poems exhibited on the Metro showed enormous talent, imagination and enthusiasm for the project."

SOURCE: the Evening Chronicle.

Today I thought I'd bring you two of these poems, with the remaining eight following over the coming weeks.

I am the city
The city is me.

My cries of magpies and angered voices,
St. James' Park - a hundred chances
My eye that keeps and waits and watches

I am the city
The city is me.

My mouthing river shouts to the sea
A slithering slug along my banks
My eye that keeps and waits and watches

I am the city
The city is me.

My magnificent metro chattering along
Carrying shoppers all day long
My eye that keeps and waits and watches.

- Max, age 11.

The escalator to cinema heaven
Popcorn exploding like shooting stars
Forbidden planet
Is like walking in another universe
When you venture in.
Full of strange animals
The River Tyne shining like the sun
Each shop is a ticket to a new world.

- Matthew, age 10.


Middle Ditch said...

Wow! Such young talent we have!

I love the way it's written with not a rhyme in sight.

Great post Petty. Keep them coming.

Cara Powers said...

Thanks for sharing. I really wish the second one were a sonnet. That would be a great topic for a sonnet. Maybe I should steal the idea. You know, DC calls our local rail the Metro too.

Dorte H said...

How well they write!

I wonder whether writing poetry is like drawing: children just do it - when you grow up, you become too self-conscious and have to learn it all over again (or give it up).

Smileyfreak said...

Wow those two are so talented! Sounds like a brilliant festival :)

Dutch donut girl said...

We have poems in our metro/trams too. I always like to read them.
'I am the city' is my favorite.

Kelly said...

These are quite good!