18 Nov 2009



Having enjoyed mesel so much last week, learning yee aal some Geordie, Ah thowt I'd put me translator into canny use agyen and bring yee some more news from me port o the world. Ah then, wheyaye, thers another two poems as written bi lercal bairns as POETRY ON THE METRO.

(Having enjoyed myself so much last week, learning you all some Geordie, I thought I'd put my translator into good use again and bring you some more news from my part of the world. And then, of course, there's another two poems as written by local children as POETRY ON THE METRO.)

'SANTA' - Known for their generosity, Geordies are striding into action to take place in this years Santa Run, raising cash for the Chronicle's Sunshine Fund which "aims to enhance the lives of local disabled children and their families through the provision of essential equipment, learning aids and custom built apparatus." Sponsored by Northumbrian Water, this years 4km run takes place on December 6th in Newcastle's EXHIBITION PARK.

- An edited account of an article by Bob Pattinson reporting in the Chronicle.

'SCROOGE' (Or is it?) - Kiljoy bosses in a North city have topped a league table of those banning the use of social networking site, Facebook, among employees.

A new report from Microsoft claims that 70% of employees in Newcastle won't allow staff to surf the site during office hours ...... more than any other region in the UK.

Yet the study found Geordies are second most likely, behind Londoners, to regularly put the graft in out of working hours by organising meetings, taking work related phone calls and e-mailing clients from home. (Yes, as well as honest and generous, we are also hard-working. P.W)

- An edited account of an article by Lucy West reporting in the Sunday Sun.

And now, in conjunction with Cara's FREEVERSE over at OOH ... BOOKS!, this weeks POETRY ON THE METRO.

The sun rises as light slowly crawls through the snoozing city,
And rush hour floods the sleeping streets like a tornado.
My tired, young eyes struggle, but heave open
And I unwillingly dash to yet another week of school.
Jam-packed metros hastily tow diverse populations,
Back and forth on icy metro tracks.
The sky then awakens, delivering opaque drops of rain,
Umbrella unfastened, I pray for some shine.
This rain magnet city, is where I am flourishing,
Newcastle is a Centre for life.

- Shivani, age 14.

Running out the front door
Running down the street
Running past the closed-down mines
Across our mighty bridges.

Running past the Grey Street Bands
the metro at my feet.
Running past our Great Earl Grey,
the Sage and lit-up ships.

Running past the generations
of buildings in this city -
A city far from perfect but a city that's my home.

- Robert, age 11.

PETTY WITTER SAYS: I really enjoyed this weeks two poems, not least because they used places that do actually exist here in Newcastle. THE CENTRE FOR LIFE, Grey Street, GREAT EARL GREY (the monument which was built to commemorate Earl Grey of Earl grey tea fame), THE SAGE and, of course, Our Mighty Bridges - most famous of which is probably THE TYNE BRIDGE, a sign that says "I'm home" to many Geordies.


kiirstin said...

"This rain magnet city" is lovely. And Poetry on the Metro -- what a great idea!

Cara Powers said...

I really like that first poem. I don't think I'd be able to flourish in Newcastle, though - too much rain.

Kelly said...

Great poetry, especially for such young writers!!

I'll have to go back and check out your link to The Great Earl Grey. It's not my favorite tea, but one I do like and drink often enough.

Kelly said...

I just realized you've changed the clock in your sidebar! I use to have a friend that had one of those cat clocks in her bedroom!!!

Hmmm...it's showing my time instead of London time like your old one.

themethatisme said...

It doesn't rain so much here. I distinctly remember at least 3 days in July when I took my Kagoule off.

....Petty Witter said...

Welcome kiirstin.

Theme: You are wrong, there was also one day in August. Remember you had to remove your wellies that day! x

Alice in Wonderland said...

Well, Petty, hinny, when I lived in Bristol, and we used to "come home", I don't know if you have ever heard the song "I'm coming home, Newcastle" was always played on the train! I'll try to find it and send you the link!
But, I'm not a Geordie, just a Borders Lass!

themethatisme said...

Coming Home Newcastle

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