2 Nov 2009


Well, that's another week-end gone, another Monday here. I'm actually feeling pretty wrecked, I suppose only two hours of sleep will do that to you. Why only two hours sleep? Too many things going through my mind - still, looking on the bright side, I suppose I did manage to almost finish my latest read (Violin by Anne Rice) which I'm having difficulties understanding but more of that in the next day or two. So, apart from not sleeping well last night, what else did I get up to over the week-end?


As you may remember I was expecting lots of trick or treaters with such a bad weather forecast for Saturday but all was quiet.


As many of you are aware Saturday morning usually sees Hubby and I head off for our Breakfast Club where a group of us get together to discuss that mornings papers whilst enjoying a light breakfast - this morning, feeling a touch unwell, I opted to stay at home whilst Hubby (not having been for a while himself due to his health) toddled off, alone.

Hubby away, I thought I'd see what had been happening with you all in Blogosphere but, alas, this was not to be, Blogger was down and stayed that way for most of the day. I suppose it was Halloween - must have been some gremlins getting into the system.

And talking of Halloween. What a disappointment that was, though never as big a celebration here in the UK as with our friends across the pond, we still usually get our fair share of little 'uns (and not so little ones, come to that) knocking at the door with eager cries of "Trick or treat" - not tonight, we didn't. At 4.45 there was a group of three young girls who, nearly wearing costumes (they were 'dressed' as naughty school girls), were really too old, followed at 5.00 by what we thought was a group of even older boys - turns out they had a couple of really little ones in tow who were too small to be seen, being under window height as they were, then, that was it until 7.00ish when we had another couple, our last for the night.

But how's this for a great Halloween competition? Petplan (an insurance company that insures, well the title says it all, pets) in conjunction with WOOKEY HOLE announced the winner of their NATION'S PERFECT WITCHES CAT competition. Congratulations Tiny of London.


The first of November saw Christians all over the globe celebrating ALL SAINTS DAY with special church services.

Browsing through our local Sunday newspaper (The Sunday Sun), after a bowl of Hubby's wonderful vegetable soup, I came across this article of interest. To give you a bit of information before hand - Ma-in-law, after literally more than two years of searching, finally came across the settee and two chairs that she liked some months ago and, after waiting for 17 weeks, it was finally delivered at the back end of September - huge sigh of relief . But no, on closer inspection there were several staples poking through the material and, even worse still, after a few days of being sat upon, the cushions were noticeably flattening. No-one wanted to know, not the shop where it was purchased and certainly not the manufacturer, a well known and reputable company I hasten to add - what to do next? Which brings me back to my newspaper article.

"Lynn Robson was shocked when the Furniture Ombudsman rejected her complaint.
The watchdog had looked at her inquiry about fading on the back of a chair and turned it down.
The reason? They said it was probably down to medication".

Yeah right, I've heard of some excuses in my time but that does rather 'take the biscuit', to use one of my nana's sayings.

Anyway, Ma-in-law dutifully informed, Hubby and I set off to our Sunday night quiz where two members down, we lost.

The 'Snowball' question also went unanswered and, as a bit of 'fun', I thought I'd post the question (answer to be posted tomorrow) and see how many of you get it.

? Name, by area, the five largest states in the USA.


Jaime said...

I know Texas, Alaska, California, Montana and it's either New Mexico or Arizona. Not 100% sure on those two but I know for sure on the first 4 I listed.

Nina said...

Weekends always go so fast. :(
I hope you have a wonderful week.

Heather said...

My weekend was simpler than yours, lay on the sofa and try and get better. I listened on Saturday evening while more than 100 Trick or Treaters came to the door. Hubby seemed to be having fun asking them about their costumes and then giving them candy.

I am feeling much better today, mostly human and ready to catch up on some of that stuff that has been patiently waiting for me.

chitra said...

I am waiting for those answer. shall check tomorrow.

Rob Innis said...

You have been using one of my most hated words in the English language (is it actually in?) regarding your other half!

Vivienne said...

I had a lovely Halloween. Our street is very much like America and the kids were knocking all evening. So we have a bit of a party for it.

susan s. said...

The pictures of the winner of the cat contest contain more pumpkin than cat. Too bad, as he/she looks like a lovely cat.

I love it when you refer to your husband as Hubby! Hubby, Hubby, Hubby. There. Now I feel so much better.

susan s. said...

Oh, and about 'Violin,' is it about a Vampire, again?

Kelly said...

No trick-or-treaters for us.... too far out in the sticks.

It was a bad weekend for me, though, due to the change from Daylight Savings Time (which I hate...just leave the time alone!) and the bright, near-full moon on Saturday night.

Hope you're feeling back up to snuff today!

oh, the states.... Yep, I'll also go with Alaska, Texas, California, Montana and probably New Mexico.

Kissed by an Angel said...

No trick or treaters here either!! Or sleep last night!!!


MOLLYC said...

Texas, California, Montana? Washington? I AM AN AMERICAN, AND I DON'T KNOW!

Jenners said...

Well, we had about 150 trick-or-treaters ... including some idiot older children who didn't even bother with costumees. This really bothers me!!!!!!

TheLittleFlower said...

For me, I feel that weekends always past on quickly..

Its like one minute on Friday you'll be like "Oh yeah that weekend is finally here!"

Then the next minute(Sunday), "The weekend is already over?!"

I guess time passes by fast when you're having fun! (:

....Petty Witter said...

Well, we seemed to have had a very mixed week-end with some kept busy at Halloween and others not so busy.
Heather: hope you are now fully recovered.
Rob: sorry about the Hubby label, yes it is in the dictionary. What I sometimes call him isn't printable on this blog so, sorry, Hubby it will remain.
Susan: glad you like the Hubby title. Violin is a ghost story rather than a vampire story.