20 Oct 2009


Yesterday I took us back in time to the 'Noughties' (see post below). Today I'm going back (and yet forward) even further in time - back because I'm going back to the 1990's and forward because I'm going to the summer of 2010, for according to Emma Sibbles writing in The Guardian;

"While we're still struggling to come to turns with this season's 80's love affair, designers have already moved on. Next summer is all about a 90's revival: sportswear and grunge mixed with a massive shot of sex and glamour. Some of the trends seen on the catwalks over the last months are as easy to slip into as an old Nirvana T-shirt, but others will take a little more practice."

So, exactly what will those of you who, unlike myself, are fashion conscious be wearing come the summer.

* Kitten Heels - though with a makeover (Well, they would have to have had or it would be soooo 1990's), Missoni has added hippy ribbons and straps, Marc Jacobs, feathers and at Marni, the shoe took on an orthopaedic shape with a thick wooden platform sole. (Thanks to Marni (?), there might be some hope of me being able to wear these heels then - if I could afford a pair.) Warning though, these are best kept away from floral bias-cut dresses (As if I didn't know that.)

* Cycling Shorts .

* Sportswear - including leather hoodies, scuba-inspired bodysuits and dresses complete with buckles, surf-inspired bermuda shorts and, to finish the look, a Louis Vuitton rucksack, the ultimate sporty bag.

* Safety Pins - (Yes, that did say safety pins.)

* Bum Bags - Over at Louis Vuitton, the bum bag, to be worn low around the hips, has taken a 'luxe' (Whatever that means) turn. In embossed leather complete with extra tassels (Of course, as if we'd settle for anything less) AND extra pouches or with a fur tail these were oversized and teamed with huge affros. (However) for a cheaper and more immediate version, hit American Apparel where they come in nylon and denim.

* Neon.

* Layers - With next season's sheer, floaty fabrics (What? There's nothing floaty about cycling shorts or bodysuits whether they're scuba-inspired or otherwise) we're being encouraged to layer up. Put a long-sleeved t-shirt under a summer dress and add tights and boots if you want to try it now.

* The Swimsuit/Body Hybrid - With poppers at the crotch (Making it so easy to 'spend a penny' in a hurry) they're starting to appeal for layering over t-shirts and under dresses.

* The Rave Whistle - Spotted attached to necklaces. Remember the raving 90's and blow with pride.


themethatisme said...

What on earth are kitten heels? Sounds like some kind of perverse bar-snack.

....Petty Witter said...

Trust you to say that. My powers of description aren't that good (at least not as far as kitten heels are concerned), will show you a picture when you get home or you could always ask one of your students. x

Cara Powers said...

When I read "grunge" I was ecstatic to be coming back in style. Then I red the rest of the post. It seems fashion is just going to keep getting worse. I hope the high waisted pant thing is going away.

Kelly said...

This doesn't sound good...

Fortunately I tend to dress for comfort and to please myself. I'm not terribly fashion conscious.