29 Sep 2009

What Ba(aaa)d Luck Ewe Had!

A motorcyclist who was left fighting for his life after hitting a sheep has been billed by his local council for damaging its road. Biker Moray Ferguson was sent a bill for £200 by Aberdeenshire council after colliding with the sheep on the unclassified road.


Heather said...

that does happen here if you don't live in the region where the accident happens, though they don't charge road repairs rather for fire fighters/emergency rescue

GMR said...

Wow, seriously? Hmmm, perhaps I should be grateful I don't leave for the sheep doth roam. =0) (not that I've hit something before....heck, I swerve to avoid squirrels!)

Kelly said...

Geez! I wouldn't have been surprised by a bill from the owner of the sheep (assuming it killed it), but for road damages???

Poor guy!