29 Aug 2009

Hamer's War.

Hamer's War By Francis Cottam.

A courageous and dedicated German Soldier, Martin Hamer has never questioned the cause for which he fights - until he is seconded to a labour camp in occupied Poland to recover from a war wound. There, in that desolate backwater, Hamer finds himself confronting the evil and horrors of Nazism for the first time.

He also finds himself falling in love. As Hamer's growing relationship with the enigmatic Julia Smollen, an inmate at the camp, causes mounting tension among prisoners and guards alike, a startling revelation will force him to reassess and reevaluate his troubled past.

Just as Hamer is coming to terms with the fact that much of his life has been based on a tragic lie, he will be faced with a heartbreaking choice - and a chance of redemption. A chance which would mean forsaking his rank, reputation and homeland. Is he brave enough to take it?

.... from the front, inner cover.

First Sentence: "The medal presentation now, in Hamer's memory, was impressionistic and distant."

You know when you are expecting so much from a book and it totally fails to deliver? Well, this happened with HAMERS WAR which I found to be very disappointing.

The front cover is wonderful - dramatic and emotive - if only the same could be said for the rest of the book.

To start with there were no chapters, a personal dislike of mine as I think the end of a chapter is a natural place to leave a story until it is picked up again. Then, there was the fact that the story jumped from between distant past, not so distant past and the present which could be quite confusing. Also, at times, it was repetitive in nature and often too melodramatic - so much so that at one point, what should have been an extremely moving piece of writing had me crying ..... tears of laughter as it was so 'over the top' as to be funny.

Perhaps I would have enjoyed the story more if I hadn't had such high hopes for it but, as it is, I can't say I thought much of it or, indeed, the author's way of writing.

MY RATING: 2 out of a possible 5.


Jo said...

Great review! It's a shame you didn't enjoy the book. It's always sad when a book fails to be enjoyable. I hope you enjoy your next book! :)

J. Kaye said...

Too bad...and yes, I know that feeling!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Thanks for the honest book review.

You are right. Some blurbs are so dramatic and impressive that yoour expectations are set, only to find it toppling down when you begin reading.

To be honest, I can't imagine a book without chapters. I am shocked.

From your review, its clear that the author's way of writing is surely not too friendly for the reader.

Hope you find truly interesting books to review.

Petty Witter said...

To be honest, Swapna, I get the impression the author was somehow writing for himself firstly and foremostly - which doesn't generally make for good writing.

Constant reader said...

I first read this book about five years ago and couldn't put it down ! The way the story was written in the past and then switched to the present wasn't at all confusing. I have also read a lot of Cottams other work.. under the name of FG Cottam. I think he is a superb writer. I think his writing is articulate, thoughtful and extremely well researched.

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