13 Jul 2009

The Paris Enigma.

The Paris Enigma By Pablo De Santis.

Paris World's Fair 1889.

Twelve of the world's greatest sleuths have gathered to discuss their most famous cases.

When one is found viciously murdered, the symposium becomes an elite task force dedicated to solving the outrage.

For a young apprentice detective, Sigmundo Salvatrio, this is the chance to realize his dream of working with the finest criminologists ever to practise. But as, one by one, more victims fall prey to the mysterious killer, the dream becomes a shocking nightmare.

.... from the back cover.

There were only two good things about this novel - the first being the cover with it's poster like art work and the second being when I finally came to the end, for as Arzaky, one of the characters said 'Don't worry. Both fables of just a few lines and newspaper serials that continue for months reach their end at some point' and so, thankfully, did this book.

THE PARIS ENIGMA, I'm afraid was one of those books that you read but, apart from the minimum of details, could not say what actually happened or why with any real accuracy. The plot was rambling and too drawn out whilst the characters were too many in numbers and totally lacking in depth - sheer determination to finish the story was the only thing that kept me reading till the end.

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Sherrie said...

It sounds like a good book from the describiton you gave. But don't like books that ramble and have so many characters you can't keep track of them. It takes you away from the main story line. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!!


P.S. Rummage Sales are awesome! You find some of the neatest stuff!