19 Jul 2009

I'm Back ......

Just getting back into the swing of things after spending a few days in (not so sunny) Scarborough where Hubby and I visited my good friend/Hubby's favourite atheist and her other half who we haven't seen since their wedding last August. It's always good to see said friend as though we are very different, we are very close and have shared many a laugh as well as many a tear. And then, of course there was her other half who both Hubby and I were looking forward to getting to know - we had only met him at the wedding and, as is typical of such occasions, didn't get to spend much time with him.

Anyway, on Wednesday afternoon, after a good journey, for which our thanks go to the staff of East Coast Railways for their assistance with my wheelchair, we arrived at our destination which was clean enough, if not at all suitable for my needs in any other way, and in desperate need of some form of sound proofing - the people above us kept us awake two nights of our three night stay.

And so that evening, after a quick wash and change, it was off to the local theatre, The Stephen Joseph (a small but very friendly theatre with extremely helpful staff) to see 'How The Other Half Loves' - a very funny farce, written and directed by Alan Ayckbourn, where 'The action takes place in the living rooms of the Fosters and the Phillips over five days, in the autumn of 1969' but more of that on Hubby's blog which is at Conscientisation.

Thursday, we had a lazy morning before sauntering off to the local shopping centre to meet our friends for a meal and catch up which turned into quite a late night after a visit to a book shop and several of Scarborough's many pubs. (We did try to persuade Hubby to do karaoke but all in vain, he wasn't haven't it).

Friday morning, we woke bright (if only the same could be said of the weather) and early thanks to the people in the room above us who appeared to be moving furniture at four in the morning and, after waiting for a break in the weather, had a slow trip down to the sea front, (isn't it romantic when the sea is very rough and crashes against the rocks?) to purchase some rock for Father-in-law and ice cream for me.

I have talked on other people's blogs about this particular ice cream parlour which, 1950(ish) in design, I always visited on our annual holiday as a child some 25 or so years ago and hadn't been back to until Hubby and I went last year where, to my delight, I discovered the place hadn't changed one bit - the waitresses still wore bright yellow uniforms, the decor was exactly the same AND the ice cream was every bit as yummy.

This year, as is traditional, I had a banana split (I seem to remember breaking with tradition last year and having a knickerbockerglory instead) which, as well as being delicious, surely counts as at least one of my five a day portions of fruit.

And so a happy afternoon was passed until, after a wash and change, it was time to meet our friends again and sample some delicious local Whitby wholetail scampi along with several different types of whisky for Hubby - never have I seen such a vast collection as was had by this particular restaurant, there were bottles everywhere.

Saturday, after a much later night then was planned (Grief, how us women chatted), saw Hubby and I head back home to an even wetter Newcastle and our own bed, much refreshed after our all too short break.


Erika Baker said...

It sounds as though you had a lovely break despite the weather and the hotel. You're amazing at making the best of everything!
But I do hope you gave the hotel some constructive feedback!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Petty, your visit to Scarborough sounds lovely. The picture of the banana split made my mouth water. That was my favorite choice at the old soda and ice cream shops. Many of the soda fountains were in the pharmacies here in the US back in the ancient days.

Petty Witter said...

It was lovely to have a break, just a shame we had to come back really.
There is a small shop not too far from us that still has an old style soda fountain. He also sells traditional non carbonated soft/health drinks - dandelion and burdock being my favourite, so different from the stuff we buy in bottles.