21 May 2009


At the Innisfree quiz last Sunday the topic of books came up. "What do you like reading?" being the main thread. I, on hindsight, should have remained silent but regrettably found myself saying I'd have a go at reading most things, though like most people I have my favourite authors and types of book etc.

Now one of our fellow quiz team members who is a huge rock fan (he was absolutly horrified to realise he knew the answer to the question " In the early days,what was the name of Elvis Presley's backing singers?)*, into the likes of the German group Ramstein and Marilyn Manson amongst others, lay down the gauntlet that I, rather foolishly, took up. The challenge being that I read Marilyn Manson's autobiography "The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, " Well, challenge accepted, though I must confess I should have been quicker off the mark and challenged him to read a Mills & Boon novel in return. I couldn't be that cruel though! (Could I?)

* Yes, you know who you are.

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