29 Apr 2009

My week end part 2

After a late night, I'm so not a night owl and as such am generally tucked up in bed by 9.30, I was surprised to make it to the Saturday Breakfast club which Hubby and I attend almost every week. However, make it I did though I must say that on this occasion I wished I'd stayed in bed - very little in the newspapers AND I was late so all of the chocolate croissants were already eaten.

Anyway after the aforementioned club, it was back to the Innisfree where, to continue with the 4oth birthday celebrations, an open seminar was being held. Led by Dr Ruth Cherrington of Warwick University and entitled " The rise and decline of the Working Mens Club" we looked at the history, present and possible future of the movement. Though it could have been better attended it was very informative and all the more impressive as Ruth actually works full time, doing this research in her spare time it really is a labour of love. So, as well as coming away more knowledgeable I also came away feeling I'd had a deprived childhood as so many of those present, Hubby and Ruth included, had such wonderful stories to tell of club social events and outings that they had attended as children. Such a far cry from many children today who, if we believe everything we hear, spend so much time isolated, alone in their bedrooms, playing on various games consoles.

I was going to end with Saturday afternoon but, to use one of my nana's sayings," In for a penny in for a pound" I've decided to continue with the rest of the weekends events. Sundays for me usually mean a morning in bed with the Sunday papers followed by phone calls to various family members and then the Innisfree Quiz but all week I'd felt badly in need of some retail therapy so we set off for Newcastle town centre and though we weren't there very long I found myself in need of the loo. Now I'm very proud of my city with it's impressive buildings and friendly people but it's got to be said the place is woefully lacking in public conveniences especially once the shops have closed so it's thanks to the staff at The Blackett Arms next to the Grainger Market for the use of their facilities. And, whilst thanking people, I must show my appreciation to Hubby who though he dislikes shopping with a passion (it's up their with his hatred of bingo) accompanied me with barely a complaint. What a star. Just don't tell him I said so.

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