30 Apr 2009

The Little Blue Joke.

A little blue man was feeling lonely and blue so he decided on a holiday at the Blue Dolphin Hotel and a week later, after packing his blue suitcase, got into his blue car and set off.

On arrival at the Blue Dolphin Hotel, the blue man got out of his blue car, took his blue suitcase and registered with the receptionist in the blue uniform.

He was shown to his room overlooking a very blue sea and found a welcome pack in a blue binder which ended with the warning "Under NO circumstances press the big blue button by the door."

Now, after unpacking his blue suitcase and watching an episode of The Blue Planet on the television, the blue man became curious about the big blue button by the door and decided to press it. AND do you know what happened?

Yes, it Blew up!!!


themethatisme said...

My goodness! Posting on your own now already, without me even being in the house. I had hoped it may have been something better than this though!

Petty Witter said...

Hello Hubby or do I need to use your more official blog title? It had to happen sooner or later and I know how much you LOVE this particular joke, even after hearing it for the past twenty odd years.

See I'm now replying to comments all by myself as well. I'll be e-mailing before you know it, then again, perhaps not. xx

Grandmère Mimi said...

Petty, I'm still waiting for my email. You have my address.

I like your joke. Keep on keeping on without the supervision of Hubby. You're doing very well.

Petty Witter said...

So glad you liked my joke, Grandmere, it normally has people groaning out loud but then that is the best type of joke, don't you think?

I'm afraid you may wait a while for an e-mail, I want to master this whole blog thing first. Hubby is going to instuct me in the art of reading other people's blogs at the week end which will open a whole new world for me. I look forward to reading yours.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Sometimes with me, the sillier the joke, the more I laugh.

I'll wait for your visit to my blog, then.