2 Mar 2024



Genre ... Thriller

Publication Date ... 1st February 2024

Publisher ... Atlantic Books

Standalone Novel

Estimated Page Count ... 320

Author Content Warning ... Suicide (referred to in the past)

Order Link ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hazard-Night-Laura-Vaughan/dp/1838957103/

Cleeve College is not for everyone...

When Eve's husband is appointed housemaster at his old boarding school, Cleeve College, she gives up her life in London to join him. But the isolation and loss of autonomy threaten both her happiness and her marriage.

The arrival of Fen, an enigmatic artist and wife of the new Classics teacher, is a welcome distraction. Fen doesn't play by the rules, and she and Eve enter into a game of escalating dares, disrupting the delicate balance of school life.

Then, the morning after Hazard Night, a tradition that allows the students to run wild and play pranks for one day, a body is found. Someone has been murdered. And it seems everyone has something to hide...

A slow burner {and yet for all of that, oddly enough, it was the first, what, three quarters of the book that I found most engrossing} which held little in the way of surprises. The characters, the characters, meh, readable but hardly what I'd call memorable.

Set within a world of academia. For me personally, with its unexpected seriously dark underbelly {a genre that I'm reliably informed is known as Dark Academia} I thought Hazard Night an enjoyable enough thriller that sadly lacked that bit something that would have made it a remarkable one.

Still, not without things to recommend it. I did enjoy the differing perspectives. Not something that every author can pull off but, narrated from the point of view of two of the characters, the author did so here with a certain degree of confidence.


Laura Vaughan grew up in rural Wales. She got her first book deal aged twenty-two and spent several years working in publishing, followed by a behind-the-scenes role at English National Ballet. She lives in South London with her husband and two children. Hazard Night is her third novel for adults.

Social Media ... X {Formerly Twitter}: Laura Vaughan X {Formerly Twitter}: Corvus Books

With thanks to Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources for organising a paper copy. One of several bloggers participating in the Blog Tour of this book, agree or disagree with me, all opinions are my own; no financial compensation was asked for nor given; threats of violence towards my favourite teddy bear went unheeded as did promises of chocolate.

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Kelly said...

It's too bad that this one didn't quite live up to its potential. The plot sounds good, but it might be too slow, and I really do prefer well-developed characters.

nightwingsraven said...

I am not at all certain if I would
appreciate this book. But as always,
thank you for your excellent review.

Sherry Ellis said...

This book sounds a bit dark.