22 May 2023


Today I'm bringing you not one but two books and, as if this isn't exciting enough, the main character is a, is a, wait for it, is a  ...

Yes, that's right todays main character is a, is a ...

Yes, that's right, today's main character is a sausage roll and not just any sausage roll, today's main character is GREG THE SAUSAGE ROLL ... not to be mistaken for a Gregg's sausage rolls though you could be forgiven for doing so.

But, not to ramble on any many more, onto today's two books by MARK and ROXANNE HOYLE with illustrations by GARETH CONWAY ...


It's CHRISTMAS EVE in the bakery. The tinsel is up in the bakery, the lights are twinkling and the mince pies are sold out.

GREG the SAUSAGE ROLL is so excited he could burst.

And when he's scooped up as a last-minute treat for Santa, he's catapulted into a magical festive caper beyond his WILDEST dreams.


Greg the Sausage Roll is about to embark on a festive adventure like never before. At last, as the snow begins to fall and the fairy lights twinkle in the bakery, its time for Greg to HO, HO . . . Hop, skip and jump his way to the NORTH POLE in search of the perfect "SURPRIIIIIIIIIIE"!

He's a sausage roll on a mission - and he's about to be capitulated into a MAGICAL, MYSTICAL ROLLer-coaster quest that's BIGGER than he can even imagine.

OK soooo ...

First seen by the ma-in-law who commented that it was a shame that we didn't have any little ones in the family to buy these books for, I gave a cough {you know the way you do} and mumbled something along the lines of 'actually I'd quite like them' and voila!, as if by magic, come Christmas Day and guess what were amongst my pressies from my niece, Becky ...

In my humble opinion, not the best written of books; I can't help but think that the authors being something of a YouTube sensation helped catapult Santa's Little Helper to the best sellers list with over 119,000 hardback copies sold in under two months. 

Whilst I wouldn't suggest either of the books to my friends as being particularly suitable for their really young children, for older children and those young at heart, well, they are an ideal festive read. 

The illustrations fun and eye-catching, the humour, quintessentially British though sadly I got the feeling that the authors did not appear to know at what age range to pitch it and as such many of the jokes fell a bit flat. The characters, Hmm! Oddly endearing; anyone would have thought I was of an age {heck, I would have thought I was of an age} where I would not have got overly excited by the adventures of a sausage roll and yet here I am, embarrassed to admit that I rather enjoyed the books.

Mark and Roxanne Hoyle are the online family entertainment personalities and comedy duo behind LadBaby and LadBabyMum. In just six years, through their hilarious family videos, chart topping Christmas charity songs, best selling children’s book and nation-wide sell out clothing lines, the married couple have become one of Britains most well known and best loved families with a global audience of over 13 million.

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Kelly said...

That's certainly an odd character to feature in a book! We don't really "do" sausage rolls around here, so I'm not sure it would go over with any in my bunch.

nightwingsraven said...

I am glad that you enjoyed these two
books featuring Greg the sausage roll.
I am not certain if I would appreciate
them. But as always thank you for your
excellent review.

Karen said...

I'm kind of torn...once you get to know him he might get eaten in the end. And if not, he is a sausage roll so he should? lol

Karen @For What It's Worth