15 Mar 2023


I can't tell you how excited both my little bookworms and I were to have read this book as part of the Book Tour which also stops by Gina's Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers on the 17th of March. 

Today {the fifth day of the tour} its my pleasure to be sharing our thoughts on ...


Target Age ...  Children: Ages 3-5

Genre ... Children’s Rhyming Picture Book

Publication Date: 14th March 2023

Standalone Novel

Estimated Page Count: 34

Purchase Link: https://amzn.to/3GmtLp1

Feeling so excited for a new day ahead, Ellie-May struggles to sleep. So when her toy dragon, Ben grows into a real-life dragon, they take to the starry skies and embark on a night-time adventure together, where they visit Ben’s castle and enjoy a dragon party.

But as the sun begins to rise and the stars fade, will Ellie-May be able to stay awake?

The wonderfully colourful, exciting adventures of what happens when Ellie-May, struggling to sleep, sets off on a wonderful adventure with her toy dragon, Ben, who comes to life.

I cannot begin to tell you how much the little bookworms and I loved this book with its vibrant illustrations and delightful story that, written in rhyme in bold print, was easy to read; the slightly older one by himself, the younger ones, alongside myself or their older sibling.

Finding all kinds of excuses not to sleep but to hear the story again and again, its just as well that as Ellie-May found out, as much as she'd like to have stayed and played ...

"But first, I need some sleep:

it's important you know.

It helps me stay healthy

and it helps me to grow!" {Pg not numbered}

Perfect for the home and school library and for children of all ages; the rhyme making it easy to follow {not to mention a fun way of learning to read} the bright illustrations that accompany the story so beautifully ensuring the book will be loved by even pre-readers .. in Genna Rowbotham we have found a new favourite author.

Genna Rowbotham wrote her first children’s story in 2017, fitting it in around caring for her young family, and is now an author of nine children’s books as well as a short story in a magazine. Rowbotham has a passion to write stories that help entertain, educate and inspire young-ones as the reader can escape the seriousness of life and enter a world of magic.

Her other interests include reading, writing, travelling, astrology, spending time with her family and exploring the great outdoors.

She lives with her lively, imaginative family in Derbyshire in a house full of books, magazines as well as colourful drawings and all sorts of artwork from her children (empty cereal boxes are often taken from the recycle bin to reinvent something wonderful like a spy camera or telescope).

Website ... www.gennarowbotham.co.uk

Book Bub ... https://www.bookbub.com/profile/genna-rowbotham

FaceBook ~ Pintarest ~ Twitter ~ YouTube

With thanks to Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources for another well organised Blog Tour. 

Agree or disagree with me, all opinions are my own. No financial compensation was asked for nor given. Threats of violence towards my favourite teddy bear went unheeded as did promises of chocolate.


Kelly said...

This sounds delightful!

nightwingsraven said...

I am very glad to see a review by
you again! And this sounds like a
truly delightful story. Not to speak
of what you shared of the vibrant and
beautiful illustrations. And I love
dragons. I will definitely keep it in

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

I have been checking the site every couple of days in case I had missed one of your posts. I must admit I was getting a little worried that all was not well with you. However, if you just decided to take a short blogging break, I don't blame you, I have been there myself.

I have a little one who has just started school and is avidly trying to teach herself to read as quickly as possible. She is so stubborn and determined, that she is already several reading levels ahead of her age group, so this books sounds ideal, as she is still at the stage where colourful images speed her through the pages.

Thanks for sharing and welcome back! :)

Karen said...

This sounds adorable! And to be enjoyed by young and old alike :-)

Karen @For What It's Worth