27 Oct 2022


 One of several bloggers who over 5 days will be participating in this Blog Tour. Today {the 4th day of the Tour) its my pleasure to be sharing my thoughts on ...


Genre ... Contemporary romance

Publication Date ... 18th October 2022

Standalone Novel

Estimated Page Count ... 400

Author Content Warning ... Alcoholism , war flashbacks 

Some days it was hell being leader of the free world.

The Washington press calls him the “accidental president.” As a Medal of Honor recipient and national hero, Adam Dybik agreed to run for president during the country’s deepest crisis.

Now that things have stabilized, he’s got problems at home: his 14-year-old daughter Katie keeps ditching her Secret Service protection and reminding him he’s the world’s worst father. And on top of that, he’s begun hearing the voices of dead presidents. Either he’s going mad, or the White House is haunted.


As the new head of Katie’s Secret Service detail, Ellie Brody is trying to live up to the high expectations of her father, former agent Frank Brody. But her new job puts her in direct danger of succumbing to the president’s charm.

Can these two find love in the White House, under the most intense media scrutiny—and the watchful eye of Lyndon Johnson? ... Synopsis

Some days it was hell being leader of the free world. ... First Sentence

He should have done this before, scheduled some time for just the two of them ... well, the two of them and a couple of dozen agents, not counting the ones in the helicopter overhead. 

He wished he could go somewhere, anywhere, and just be alone, really alone.

Katie's constant complaints about living in the White House weren't just teenage rebellion; Adam  felt the same way sometimes, like he wanted to break out, get away from the press, the constant surveillance. He knew how some of the criminals he'd put away felt, although his prison was far more posh. ... Memorable Moment, Page 112/1113

War veteran Adam Dybik is president of the US ... and the worst father in the world according to his daughter, Katie, a somewhat rebellious teen who has made it her mission to give her highly trained protective agent, Ellie {who in a refreshing change to the usual 'celeb/bodyguard' genre just so happens to be a women}, the slip as often as possible

Take out the fact that home is the White House and that the three main characters are the president of the USA , the 'first daughter' and a protective agent and what do you have?

You have a single dad who, new to his job, is struggling with the whole work/balance thing, a somewhat unruly, stroppy teenager whose life has been turned upside down ... in more ways than one, and a highly skilled at what she does, attractive women who, Ah! If only she'd be born a boy, it just so happens is struggling to live up to the expectations of her father in whose footsteps she chose to follow - this, and the fact that she is highly attracted to her new employer.

Well drawn characters that many of us will identify with/relate to in one way or another; it was these and in particular Katie {what a superbly realistic character} that, more so than the action and the will they/won't they' romantic aspect of True Courage, that made this such an engaging read for me.

Meet Kathryn Barrett ... Kathryn Barrett has always loved larger-than-life characters and happy-ever-after endings. After working on several political campaigns, including a US presidential campaign, she moved to England and began writing the stories that intrigued her. Her first novel, TEMPTATION, was the winner of the Golden Quill Best First Book contest, the Holt Medallion for Best Mainstream/Single Title, and the Holt Award of Merit for Best First Book. Find out more at www.kathrynbarrett.com.

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Kelly said...

It sounds like this one worked well for you and despite your good review, I'm not sure if I'd enjoy it or not. The jury is still out.

nightwingsraven said...

This sounds like a truly engaging book.
And I suspect that I would appreciate
these three characters. Especially Katie.
I will keep this book in mind. And thank
you for your excellent review.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Not a storyline I would typically be drawn to, unless it was as a review or blog tour request. However, I have read several books from unusual genres recently and I have to say that I have enjoyed them all for their individual uniqueness. I must be mellowing a bit in my old age, but then, even as a child I would have read the back of the cereal packet if there was nothing else (as the saying goes!)

A great, well-balanced review. Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend! :)

sherry fundin said...

This is one of those books that I wouldn't normally look for, but I think I would still enjoy it. Thanks for the great review.
sherry @ fundinmental