21 May 2022


Having been gifted Remember This? Real Stories About Real People ... With A Twist by Brad Dison I was so excited when Remember This? Volume 2 More Real Stories About Real People ... With A Twist popped through our letterbox courtesy of fellow blogger and good friend Kelly over at Kelly's Thoughts & Ramblings.

Are you ready for 50 more incredible but true stories about the world you only thought you knew?
"Remember This? Volume 2, More Real Stories about Real People ...with a Twist" is filled with accounts of famous figures and historical events such as airplane and helicopter crashes, shootouts, thievery, alter egos, unexpected birthday gifts, a love triangle, daring escapes, kidnappings, and much more. Each story will keep you guessing until the end. ... Back Cover Blurb

Please Note: Because of the nature of the book I wont be including The First Sentence nor my Memorable Moment. FGT

As my late nana would often say 'there's nowt as queer as folk' something that is borne out in this wonderful second collection of 50 More Real Stories About Real People ... With a Twist.   

Fascinated by people and the stories they have to tell as you can imagine I found myself lost in this book, revelling in the stories, almost always surprised by the 'twist' in the tale.

I'd have been impressed at the amount of research that would have gone into this book had the stories all been set in America {the author's country of birth} but that there were also stories from afar apart as Africa and Austria as well as several from here in England is testament to the amount of research that goes into these compelling books.

That as well as several nautical settings, there are also several stories that took place during WWII and, strong contenders for my favourite stories, those set in the world of entertainment but perhaps, favourite of all, were those set in or around Christmas. 

Meet Brad Dison ... Brad Dison is the editor of the Bienvile Parish Journal and a syndicated newspaper columnist of his weekly Remember This? series. He is the recipient of the Overdyke Award for historical writing and is a contributor to the North Louisiana History scholarly journal. Brad spends his time searching for odd and surprising stories from reputable sources from around the world. 


DMS said...

Well this sounds fascinating. I am glad to hear you got lost in the stories and that you enjoyed them so much. Thanks for sharing. :)

Kelly said...

I'm so happy to see this and to know you enjoyed it! I can assure you if there is a volume three (and I have no doubt there will be), it will wing its way to you, as well. :D

nightwingsraven said...

How thoughtful of Kelly to send
to you the second part. And it
sounds like a very interesting
and compelling book. Which I will
keep in mind. And thank you for your
excellent review.