22 Dec 2021


 Having shared my thoughts on two of the author's previous books, Shadow Jumper {Part 1 in the Shadow Jumper series} and Bad Hair Days {I can't tell you what an honour it was for a quote from my review of this to appear in, this, the  author's latest book} it was such a pleasure to be asked to share my thoughts on the second in the Shadow Jumper books ...


Will Jack solve the crime or die trying?

The rooftops are Jack's safe place - perfect for shadow jumping. Or so he thought.

When Jack and Beth find a packet hidden between the chimney pots, Jack becomes the prime suspect for theft.

Then his friend Fabien falls from the roof. Was it an accident? Or something more sinister? 

Thrust into a shady world of robbery and mayhem, Jack must find the real thieves to save himself and his friends. ... BACK COVER BLURB

"I've had an amazing week," Beth said to Jack, before taking a swig from her water bottle. ... FIRST SENTENCE {Chapter One}

They returned to the hallway, ready to go upstairs. A thud came from somewhere above them, followed by the unmistakable tread of footsteps crossing the landing. Beth took a pace back, bumping Jack's hand. His phone clattered to the floor and the torch went out, plunging them into darkness. ... MEMORABLE MOMENT {Page 108}

MY THOUGHTS ... Not only a great mystery but one that introduced the characters and their world beautifully, I loved the first book in this series, Shadow Jumper. 

The question being would Twilight  Robbery, the much hoped for, second book, be as good?

Well, let's see! ...

wonderful plot which sees Jack and Beth once again take to the roof tops in an action packed adventure with a tense, breath taking climax in which our young investigators find themselves amidst the chimney pots, shadow jumping through the twilight skies, alongside the most unlikely character. 

A engaging mix of memorable characters of all ages, from Jack and Beth {I loved how their friendship is developing, that like most friendships it has its ups and downs} through to care home resident, Mr Garibaldi, who proved to be, well, something of a revelation.

A great the sense of fun, the laugh out loud moments, that amongst the action there were some truly beautiful poignant moments as a more mature Jack battled self doubts.

... I'd say it was every bit as good and even better than its predecessor. I only hope we don't have to wait too long for a third instalment. There is going to a third instalment, please tell me there will be a third instalment.


Kelly said...

I'm glad this one lived up to the standards of its predecessor! Any book that takes place on a rooftop makes my heart drop into my stomach. Heights are not my friend.

nightwingsraven said...

What you said about the memorable
characters, the developing friendship
between Jack and Beth, the poignant
moments, the sense of fun and action
and adventure definitely piqued my
curiosity. And I will keep Twilight
Robbery as well as Shadow Jumper in
And thank you for your excellent review.

the bookworm said...

Glad you're enjoying these. Twilight Robbery sounds good and I like the colors on the cover.

Ash said...

This looks like an awesome read, I'll definitely have to check out the first one because it looks like one I'd like. Glad the sequel is as good as the original, they can be quite hit or miss.

Ash @ Essentially Ash

DMS said...

Yay! So glad to hear you enjoyed this one so much. I hope there is another one coming. :)

Happy New Year!