17 Sept 2020



ISBN 978-1947381162
The birth of a magical child at the time of the Devil Moon sets the stage for heartache and misery, magic and supernatural love.

Beset by unrelenting obstacles and bestowed with remarkable psychic gifts, Kate is often accompanied by fantastical black ravens who carry her through time and space.

A well known legend in the Ozark Mountain countryside where Katie lives, Grandfather is a ghost with large golden eyes who frequently rides on the back of Pegasus, another Ozarkian legend.

Victorian Songlight is a tale of redemption and renewal, death and rebirth, triumph over darkness. But most importantly, it is a love story. Alone and utterly forsaken, adrift on treacherous waters, Kate meets Grandfather for the second time in her life and they become lovers fulfilling a prophecy at the moment of her birth.
... Back Cover Blurb

Sitting astride the large white horse, the strange-looking man in ivory robes uses his left hand to shield his eyes from the intense morning sun as he gazes out across the panoramic expanse.
... First Sentence, Introduction

"The moon?"  Kate's eyes lower to half-mast as she sinks into a vast pool of collected memories, images from the recent and distant past marching in front of her. "Ah, yes," she whispers. "That moon." She watches through the clouds of time as ivory crescents form and then disappear.
... Memorable Moment, Page 61

MY THOUGHTS ... A magical child born on the 'Devil Moon', fantastical black ravens, and perhaps most of all the mystical, golden eyed 'Grandfather' who, friend, lover, spiritual guide all rolled into one, rides on the back of, but of course, Pegasus.

Ooh! An author that certainly likes her myths and legends, Victorian Songlight screamed 'Read me! Read me NOW!" and yet ...

Its not as if this is a 'bad' book or was badly written, indeed the author's turn of phrase was quite beautiful and its look at Karma was truly fascinating but alas I spent the story yo-yoing between wondering what it was that I wasn't getting/was missing and considering that it might be that I was looking for something that just wasn't there.

Given that I know the author to be a Jungian psychologist (one of her specialities being dreamwork) with its themes of dream interpretation and past life regression it didn't come as any surprise that the book is based on a true story ... perhaps too much so.

Unfolding like a lucid dream and yet reading like a case study. 

They say that an author writing what they know may or may not be a good thing. Hmm! Written by Kathy Malone, DR, for me personally I'd have liked to have seen more of Kathy Malone, author.

SUMMED UP IN A SENTENCE ... With so many themes that appealed to me, alas there was something about Victorian Songlight that I simply failed to get.

Sincere thanks to the author, Dr Kathy Martone, for supplying me with a copy of Victorian songlight.

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Carol said...

It's a shame this one didn't live up to your expectations. It does sound like it has a lot going on.

Brian Joseph said...

All the elements that you describe here sound interesting. Sometimes when an author tries to follow an external story it can limit a story. Fiction writers should just go with whatever plot turns would work best.

Kelly said...

I'm afraid this one didn't really capture my attention from the get-go. I'm sorry it didn't turn out to be what you were hoping for, either. I like how you worded that in your final paragraph, that you'd like to have seen more of Kathy Malone, author.

nightwingsraven said...

I, too am sorry that this book did
not live up to your expectations.
And after reading your review I
am uncertain if I would appreciate
But as always thank you for your
honest review.

Sophia Rose said...

Yes, those elements do get one excited to read it. I wonder how it would grab me. I'm not a big one for the dream element in stories.

Gina said...

I was quite curious about this one and actually read the extended preview...unique at the very least!

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

What a shame as it looks interesting.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Felicity,

Once again I am grateful for your very candid review, which I did read in detail, hoping that I might find some redeeming feature I had missed!

However on this occasion I didn't get past the premise before I had become disengaged and knew that this wasn't one for me, despite the amazing cover art!

Not a genre which is one of my favourites, a storyline would really have to have something special catch my attention, before I might give it a try!

Thanks for sharing and I hope your next book is better for you :)

Yvonne xx

Shooting Stars Mag said...

It sounds like a case of someone being a bit TOO smart to really write what they know in an engaging way. Perhaps. I'm sorry this didn't quite hit the mark for you!


Literary Feline said...

This one sounded good from the description. I am sorry it was disappointing.