15 Jul 2020


Homeward Bound BannerToday I'm delighted to be participating in the Book Tour of Richard Smith's Homeward Bound hosted by Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources, the other participants of which are linked to below in the Blog Tour Schedule .

Homeward Bound Cover
ISBN  978-1838591595

Homeward Bound features 79-year-old grandfather George, who didn’t quite make it as a rock star in the ‘60s. He’s expected to be in retirement but in truth he’s not ready to close the lid on his dreams and will do anything for a last chance. When he finds himself on a tour of retirement homes instead of a cream tea at the seaside his family has promised, it seems his story might prematurely be over.
He finds the answer by inviting Tara, his 18-year-old granddaughter, to share his house, along with his memories and vast collection of records. She is an aspiring musician as well, although her idea of music is not George’s. What unfolds are clashes and unlikely parallels between the generations – neither knows nor cares how to use a dishwasher – as they both chase their ambitions.
- Summary

There were two things George Turnbull treasured above all else.
- First Sentence

Toby made a shaking gesture that mocked his father-in-law.
Almost on cue, George's hands began to tremble. Wine slopped over the lip of the glass and dripped down the stem.
"Watch out!" Toby barked. This served only to agitate George into tilting the glass, with the result that a wave of wine splashed across Phyllis's special occasion white lace tablecloth. To cover his embarrassment, he put down the glass and grabbed his napkin to staunch the flow. In the confusion that followed, with Tara, Bridget and Mark all reaching across the table to mop up the spilt wine with whatever came to hand, Gerald's glass of wine was toppled, along with the gravy boat.
Phyllis bravely reassured them with a calm 'never mind, but it was clear that this tablecloth would see no further active service.
George was surveying the carnage before him. He felt he should apologise. What he actually said was, "What a waste of good wine."
- Memorable Moment, Page 152

MY THOUGHTS ... Coerced into visiting a succession of homes for the elderly (waiting rooms for the dying as George thinks of them) on the pretence of a family outing, what will happen when, neither of them exactly house trained; the dishwasher something of a mystery to them both, George tidy, Tara, hmm, not so tidy, Tara's boyfriend Mark's music unlike any music George had heard (he imagines 'inmates of Guantanamo Bay facing similar barrages of torturous noise), its agreed that Tara will move in with her grandfather?

A bittersweet story of growing older, of fulfilling your dreams ... no matter what your age. Left feeling all warm and fuzzy as I thought back on my relationship with my own grandfather and the brief spell I spent living with him, Homeward Bound is largely but not exclusively the inter-generational tale of grandfather, George and granddaughter, Tara who on the face of it are two very different people and yet, as it turns out, have so much more in common than it at first seems; their love of music being the common denominator, that they both face uncertain futures something that draws them even closer.

Simply and yet beautifully told, well observed, funny and oh so moving; Toby's (George's son-in-law) constant mocking and putting down of his father-in-law moved me to tears as did the section of the book in which George, recently introduced to the World Wide Web, innocently types into a search engine only to discover that he's opened ... well, you can imagine - only these were tears of laughter.

That I found myself invested in all the characters in the way that I did, yes, even the ones I grew to despise, a sure sign of an author with a promising future ahead of them, I'm already longing to know what's next.

SUMMED UP IN A SENTENCE ... A warm and charming debut novel with memorable characters, the tunes/bands entwined in the narrative a nice touch - be warned there are any number of potential earworms.

Genre: Contemporary fiction, Book group
Publication Date: 28th January 2020
Estimated Page Count - 304
Standalone Novel
Purchase Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Homeward-Bound-Richard-Smith/dp/1838591591

Richard Smith Author Photo
ABOUT RICHARD SMITH ... Richard Smith is a writer and storyteller for sponsored films and commercials, with subjects as varied as caring for the elderly, teenage pregnancies, communities in the Niger delta, anti- drug campaigns and fighting organised crime. Their aim has been to make a positive difference, but, worryingly, two commercials he worked on featured in a British Library exhibition, ‘Propaganda’.

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My thanks to Rachel for organising this tour and making sure I got a paper copy. 

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Brian Joseph said...

The plot and characters seem interesting to me. I tend to like novels that center around popular music. Older Rock musicians always intriguing to me

Kelly said...

This sounds really good! I like the music aspect, the humor sounds fun, and.... I can relate, to a certain extent, having lived with my paternal grandmother the first 15 years of my life. (yes, there always has been a generation gap!)

I'm off to research it a little more closely.

nightwingsraven said...

This sounds like a very good book.
And I appreciate that George and
Tara share their love of music,
and music is a part of the book.
I will add it to my list. Thank
you for your excellent and
enthusiastic review.

sherry fundin said...

wonderful review and it does sound interesting. we will all be where he is at some time in our lives
sherry @ fundinmental

Suko said...

Felicity, it sounds like you truly enjoyed this debut novel. I enjoyed your review, and will keep this book in mind.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Felicity,

You put up a good argument for this one, with a lovely presented post and excellent review.

I really enjoyed the memorable moment extract, but there is just something about the whole thing that I couldn't relate to.

I guess that my paternal grandfather dying when I was only 5 might have had something to do with that, as I idolised him and was devastated when he went.

My maternal grandfather was whole different kettle of fish and let's just leave it at that!

At least we don't have any family to truck us around perspective retirement homes when we get to that stage. I guess we are going to be stuck with each other until the bitter end - and we don't even own a dishwasher!! :) :)

Thanks for sharing such a great post :0


Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

This sounds delightful, it is one I would enjoy on audio.

Melliane said...

It's always great when you're invested like that

DMS said...

This does sound like a touching book. I can already tell it is a book that will bring tears to my eyes. Glad you enjoyed it so much and that you really cared about the characters. Thanks for sharing. Wishing Richard the best of luck!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sounds like a really lovely read!! Heartwarming, yet funny, and full of great characters.