24 Apr 2020


ISBN 978-1732776982
Two brothers trek across their grandmother's overgrown backyard to take on The Spooky Spook. 
- Back Cover Blurb

The first in the second volume of books from the author of the HaHa Rain series. As with volume 1 this contains five books (The Spooky Spook, Don’t Give Candy to Bubba Washington 2, Little Bob, Cloud Riders 2 and Mr. Bubbles’ Big Breakout) albeit it is only the first two that are currently available.

The tale of a nana living in an old house that not only squeaked and creaked but smelt of sweet, old lady perfume. Not that this is the strangest thing about this house; no, that honour goes to ...

 the dreaded, the fierce, the freaky SPOOKY SPOOK.

With its images of creepy crawlies; cockroaches, spiders and black widow spiders I'd think THE SPOOKY SPOOK  would prove a huge hit amongst certain boys (or indeed girls) of a certain age who for some reason tend to delight in such things.

ISBN 978-1732776999

Kevin and Caroline are ready to fly with the new Unicorn they discovered in book one. They gather their candy and jump on for a death defying but wildly hilarious adventure of a lifetime.
- Back Cover Blurb

Meanwhile in this, the second book of volume 2, as promised at the end of the last instalment of Don't Give Candy To Bubba Washington (which I reviewed along with Lesson Magic here) Bubba Washington's story continues in DON'T GIVE CANDY TO BUBBA WASHINGTON 2 which sees Kevin and Caroline off on an riotous adventure with 'the Unicorn' who not only gets a name but makes a major revelation that unicorns aren't suppose to eat ... 

Hah! As if I'm going to tell you that.

Though each book contains a standalone story that is not generally connected to other books in that volume (though as with Don't Give Candy To Bubba Washington 2 a book may be continued in the next volume) they all have several things in common, not least of which is they are all highly imaginative; the fun stories combined with the different sized and coloured fonts, the images and designs by numerous photographers and graphic designers, the mix of white and vibrantly coloured pages highly enticing for readers of all ages - the author suggests 1 to 120 though I personally think them particularly suitable for older children and so-called 'tweenagers'. But then what do I know? Far from a tweenager (though not yet half way to 120) myself I found both books entertaining.

SUMMED UP IN A SENTENCE ... Exactly the sort of books I'd suggest to those with children who find books boring.

My sincere thanks to the author who sent me four copies of his books, these two from volume 2 along with another two, Lesson Magic and Don't Give Candy To Bubba Washington, from volume 1 which I had shared my thoughts on previously.

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Gina said...

Can't say I'm one of those girls, but it definitely sounds like a curious read indeed!

bermudaonion said...

This sounds fun and exciting!

Kelly said...

These do sound like fun books for kids who enjoy a bit of spookiness and fantasy. I'm glad YOU enjoyed them so much, too! :D

Sophia Rose said...

I am always glad to have a book to add to the list for folks who struggle to get into reading. These do sound fun and creative!

Brian Joseph said...

I would like to go on an adventure with a unicorn.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Felicity,

I must admit that I was a little confused by both the look of the covers, the description and the tie-in between all the many volumes and sub-volumes, in this series.

I crossed over to Amazon to see if I could get a look inside at a few of the pages and was blown away by the excellent graphics and clear use of language. Obviously I was only able to view a very few sample pages, however I came away with the impression that they were suitable for children a little younger than you indicated, unless of course, the language and context of the stories are a little deeper than I imagined!

Certainly something different for you to assess and a very generous gift by the author!

Take care and stay safe, during these very confused times :)


the bookworm said...

Glad you enjoyed these, they sound fun!

nightwingsraven said...

These books definitely sound
truly imaginative, creative
and unique. I will keep them
in mind.

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

The sounds great! I could see my grandson devouring these one day..my granddaughter however does not like bugs and spiders..haha. Glad these entertain regardless of your age!

J Lenni Dorner said...

Sounds like some fun books.

I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

J Lenni Dorner~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author

Nas said...

Sounds like an intriguing read.
All the best and stay safe!

Sherry Ellis said...

Sounds like a great read for reluctant readers!