20 Apr 2020


ISBN 978-1732776937
Sometimes a bully has to learn a lesson the hard way. Lesson Magic is a fun story about a mother’s love, treating others kindly, and good, old fashioned magic.
- Back Cover Blurb

The story of what happens when little Timmy's mother who has been studying at the Z.T.C (I won't say any more about this for fear of a spoiler BUT suffice to say its a very special school) accompanies him to his school one day and gets to meet the bully that is Bradley who may just have met his match, HAHA RAIN: VOLUME 1: BOOK 1 - LESSON MAGIC is a fun story with a message  ... or two at its heart. 

Meanwhile ...

ISBN 978-1732776951
Kevin and Caroline venture into a deep, dark legendary cave. Their very unusual find will change their lives forever.
- Back Cover Blurb

The story of a giant cupcake that, according to legend, every day changes to a new flavour, the one from yesterday disappearing,
HAHA RAIN: VOLUME 1: BOOK 3 - DON'T GIVE CANDY TO BUBBA WASHINGTON on the other hand is more of a fun, adventure story that features a unicorn ... and let's face it how many of us can resist a unicorn and especially a unicorn who, though they don't have any secret powers as such, does 'make rainbow poopy'?

'Kids books, that also seem to be really enjoyed by adults as well' according to the author, Charles C. Martin, the stories of which there are five in volume One (, Floofy the Flooferton, Don't Give Candy to Bubba Washington, Queen of the Honkites and Cloud Riders) are indeed 'a little edgy and sometimes just plain old crazy!' 

Whether or not the stories prove to be to your taste or not (personally they were very much to my liking) if nothing else ...

That the pages are of different colours (sometimes just plain old white, at other times, purple or black or ...), that the illustrations are made up both of actual photographs AND emojis AND cartoon like imagery, that different fonts of different colours and sizes are employed ...

These are books that look exciting and new and something that bit different; these are books that children are actually going to want to pick up and read.

SUMMED UP IN A SENTENCE ... Books that should entice the most reluctant of readers; such is the creativity that has gone into the writing of them.

My sincere thanks to the author who sent me four copies of his books, these two from volume 1 along with another two, The Spooky Spook and Don't Give Candy To Bubba Washington 2, from volume 2 which I shall be sharing my thoughts on soon.

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Kelly said...

These sound quite clever and unique. Rainbow unicorn poop? Wish my dogs had rainbow poop... it would make scooping the back yard a little more fun!

I look forward to hearing about the other two volumes.

Brian Joseph said...

Unicorns are very cool. I have always been fascinated by them. Of course they would go in rainbows.

nightwingsraven said...

These books definitely sound
different, creative and unique.
And I think that I would appreciate

Gina said...

Wait a sec...a cupcake that changes flavors every day? Ooh...now that's some tasty magic!

Literary Feline said...

You had me at unicorn. Haha. This does sound like a great collection.