11 Mar 2020



Struggling to keep on top of the amount of spam that's infiltrating Pen and Paper and frustrated at the lack of support from the powers that be I'm seriously considering my options longterm but meanwhile will be changing my settings so that ...

(A) All comments are moderated before they are posted 


(B) Only users with Google Accounts can leave a comment 


(C) Only members of my blog may comment.

None of them steps I'm altogether comfortable taking but alas needs most. 

Hoping you can help me decide which is the best route to take ...
  • Have you changed from Blogger to Wordpress? 
  • Have you enabled any of the above features on your Blogger powered blog? 
  • Would you prefer it if I were to enable A, B or C? 

All thoughts and suggestions most welcome, thanks for your help. 

PS ... Apologies if you were expecting a post on the movies Mr T and I had been watching. A heavy workload at his place of work coupled with re-arranging the house in order that we could be decorated has resulted in it not quite getting finished. Rest assured it will follow soon. FGT
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Brian Joseph said...

Back in 2013 I faced dozens of spam comments a day. I have linked to my post about it below (scroll down and you will see where you commented on the post!) I hated to turn on moderation, but I did. After about three months most of it went away and I turned the moderation off. I still wonder why my blog was hit so hard for a temporary period of time.


nightwingsraven said...

I am truly sorry that Pen and Paper
is bombarded by spam and I can definitely
understand your frustration. Keeping also
in mind what Brian said in his comment
about having turned on moderation for a
For my part, several years ago I changed
from Google/Blogger to Wordpress and do
not have a Google account anymore.
Although I hate to suggest it, in order
to deal with the spam, perhaps you could
try how it works out if you would decide
for A or C.

LL Cool Joe said...

I always have comment moderation on, and if I get spam comments I just delete them. I then find after a while I stop getting the spam. Works well for me and as I'm at home a great deal, I can quickly publish any comments I do get.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

I switched from blogger to wordpress ten years ago mostly because of the spam issues. It was an easy transition and the wp spam filter catches most, if not all, spam messages. I also have any comments with links automatically sent to moderation which will occasionally be from legitimate bloggers. WP sends an alert when that happens so I can mark it acceptable.
I realize what a pain this is and wish you luck finding a resolution.
Also, I'm only able to comment on your current blog because you use reCAPTCHA. I'm unable to comment on almost all Blogger blogs.

sherry fundin said...

i have always used wordpress and it does a great job of catching spam. i know how things like this can be very frustrating, so i hope you find an easy solution. right now, whatever you decide to do is find by me. i'll still be here. :-)
sherry @ fundinmental

Kelly said...

I switched to WP some years ago and have never regretted that decision. They have a good app for my smartphone, too, so I can reply (or moderate, if necessary) comments from there. If you switched to moderation, maybe it would slow down the spam as Brian and Joey commented it did for them. It never bothers me when I leave a comment and know it has to be approved first.

Karen said...

I seem to go through spells of it. A month with 0-2 then one night of 30. I turned off anonymous commenting but otherwise just delete them.

But I have started turning off comments for older posts that seem to get hit the most because of key words.

WP seems to be the best option but comes with it's own issues if you opt for anything other than the free hosted (with very limited features) so I don't have any good solutions for you.

Karen @ For What It's Worth