24 Sept 2019


Today I'm delighted and honoured to be bring you not one, not two books but three books by the talented Tara Tyler.
The first of the three books in the Beast World Series, as is generally the case with my multiple reviews you can find the First Sentence below the book cover and the 'Book Cover Blurb'/Synopsis by clicking on the book title in My Thoughts below which will take you to the details on amazon.co.uk. 

SOURCE ... Received with thanks from the author.


MY THOUGHTS ... Each slightly longer than the last each book contains some great illustrations and with fairly short chapters make for easy bedtime reading ... though be warned the lure of just another page, another chapter might prove too irresistible. Whilst each can be read as a stand alone read they should ideally be read in order from the beginning if your not wanting to miss out on any of the fun. 

Peopled by memorable characters inhabiting a world that is at once fantastical and yet oddly familiar.  Goblins, ogres,, werewolves are all doing whatever it is they as a goblin/ogre/werewolf do - that is until ...

Highly enjoyable, funny and action packed and yet with some great messages at the heart of each book. Its impressive the way the author uses characters such as Gabe the goblin and the scenarios in which they find themselves to not only tell a great story but hi-light issues in a way that is appropriate for young readers. 

No one should be subjected to the torture of Human Civilization class.
Full of characters I found it impossible not to invest in, Broken Branch Falls, the first book in the series, is a great introduction to Gabe and co and the world as they know it. The quest they find themselves on action packed, the messages at the heart of the story a worthy and important one. And as for the ending ... Wow! 

Cradle Rock
I'm a cursed human, a bad luck magnet.
Off in search of humans (a species thought to be extinct) there's a wonderful adventure to be had between the pages of book two, Cradle Rock

With all of the features that made the previous book such a joy to read ... oh! and one of the sweetest romances ...  if I wasn't already totally enchanted by the characters that inhabit Beast World I am now.

Windy Hollow
Leaves and shadows blur past me.
My expectations high; probably my favourite of the three books, the author did not fail to deliver with Windy Hollow.

The third (and hopefully not the last) instalment in this great fantasy adventure, this one sees the characters (now firm friends of mine) sticking their noses (should I say snouts?) into what may or may not be their business ... but what is a goblin/ogre/werewolf to do when they hear rumours of a evil human scientist and a vengeful were-ogre?

And that's not all ...

Just between you and me, there's a celebration to be had. And not just any celebration. This one involves a dragon-prince and (wait for it) a harpy ... and let me tell you, you don't get any bigger a celebration than this.

Already looking forward to what I'm hoping will be a fourth book. I wonder what's in store for Gabe and friends.

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Kelly said...

This looks like a great assortment for those younger readers who enjoy a bit of spookiness in their reading. Even at that age, I was more into historical fiction or mysteries. ;)

Brian Joseph said...

These books sound like a lot of fun. I also like the series to title, “Beast World” sounds cool. The covers are also neat.

Suko said...

I agree with Brian Joseph--these books sound like a lot of fun! No wonder you enjoyed them, Felicity! I enjoyed reading your pithy reviews.

DMS said...

Ever since I heard about the first book in this series I have wanted to read Tara's work. I will hopefully get started with them soon. They sound fantastic. So glad to hear you enjoyed them so much!

nightwingsraven said...

These first three books of
of Beast World sound great,
fun and truly riveting. As
well as that I appreciate
what you said about the
memorable characters. I will
definitely keep them in mind.

sherry fundin said...

great reviews and wonderful covers. looks like a lot of fun
sherry @ fundinmental

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

What fun. I marked the titles for the Royals.

Sophia Rose said...

I love all the fantasy beasts and the adventures you experienced in each one.

Karen said...

This sounds delightful!!

Karen @ For What It's Worth

Gina said...

Whoa...it certainly looks like a great addition for the reading season!

Tara Tyler said...

thanks so much for the terrific reviews! so glad you enjoyed them!

Literary Feline said...

These sound like such fun books! I am glad you enjoyed them, Felicity. I am going to look for them.