11 Jun 2019


Having stopped over at Joey's place and read this, a list of the top ten things that cause us most aggravation, I simply had to comment.

Urine on the seat or floor.

Hmm! I think I can safely say this winds most of us up. But what about the ... positioning of the toilet seat?

Ah! That age old chestnut that I'm led to believe has resulted in many a heated row discussion though, unlike the squeezing of the toothpaste tube from the middle (I hold my hand up to this one), its not problematic in the Terry residence.

You see, there's only two of us in the house and thankfully Mr T (he who comes from a family where the male of the species outnumber the female by 4 to 1) is well trained when it comes down to, well, making sure that the toilet seat is left down which is just as well as not for one single moment (male visitors take note) has it ever crossed my mind that it belongs in any other position.

Then remaining with the positioning of things, there's not so much the not replacing the toilet roll (though that, be warned, does wind me up) as there is the ... positioning of the toilet roll.

Once again there is only one correct position and, as has been borne out in this 124 year old diagramthat is my way over the roll and NOT under it. Something I choose not to make a big fuss about but I admit to having changed the position of the loo roll not only in our bathroom but in that of friends (sorry) and even public toilets.

And finally, from the bathroom to the kitchen, there's the matter not so much of dishes left in the sink as the playing of dishes Jenga

Dishes Jenga? 

Let me explain ...

You may have heard (perhaps even played) Jenga the game in which wooden blocks are stacked in a tower and players take turns removing pieces trying not to cause the tower to fall over ...

Well! One of us is accused of playing it not with wooden blocks but with ... dishes; the aim of the 'game' being that said person (big hint, it isn't Mr T) stacks washed dishes to drain in what is said to be a somewhat precarious manner until the other one of us has cause to remove them without causing the pile to topple.

Which of the 10 'little' things linked to at the top of this post most winds YOU up? Or perhaps you'd care to spill which 10 'little' things other than those listed most get you in a tizzy.


Kelly said...

Uh oh... you might be changing the roll of TP at my house! (and I'd be changing it right back after your departure)

I think I might have done a "favorite five" (or least favorite) entry along these lines once upon a time. I'm afraid many of my peeves involve driving and parking. At least i don't act on my road rage.

My daughter says having a cat in the house makes the toilet seat position a moot point. They keep the lid down.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Yes, over the roll of tissue, not under :)

Brian Joseph said...

I am trying to picture what your stacked dishes are like. Do you use a drain board?

sherry fundin said...

the urine!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Karen said...

Ha! It's not a problem at our place either. It's just the two of us and we've always had lots of pets so we're trained to keep the seat down and well...be clean lol

But it's always shocking to me when I need to use other people's bathrooms how gross they are.

Karen @ For What It's Worth

Sophia Rose said...

Pet home! I live with someone who notices little and cares less about how I arrange things so that keeps the romance alive. LOL

I think I might have had a mini-fit when my former neighbor's dog kept using our yard for his outdoor toileting, but we solved that one when I spoke to the man and not just his ex-wife. But, yeah, that bugged me. :)

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Tracy,

As there are just the two of us at home and always have been, we seem to jog along quite nicely, so long of course as he does things my way!

After more than 40 years of marriage, I have him quite well trained and as he has a forces background, some of the wrinkles didn't take too long to iron out!

I generally change the TP, as I like to replace it just before it runs out, so that there is never an issue, although it is me who has to use the last few sheets from the free standing roll - and of course, it is always over, never under!

We have never owned a dish washer as neither of us have ever seen the sense in it just for two people. We never leave dishes stacked in the sink for later. I always wash up the breakfast dishes before we leave the house and the dinner dishes are always done before we go to bed. I wash, he wipes and puts away and the drainer is always left clear!

What a fun post and share. I'm off to check out Joey's list now :)


Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

I am with you on the toilet paper roll. I grew up with 3 brothers- so the toilet seat position is also an issue for me. Luckily, my husband has never left it up. But, oddly enough, there is someone at my work who leaves it up all the time. There are only 5 males and the rest of the staff is made up of females- so I am not sure who leaves it up, but it's one of the 5 guys. I do find it frustrating.

nightwingsraven said...

I am with you about urine on the toilet
seat or floor. And I also definitely agree
with you about the positioning of the toilet
seat and the positioning or changing of the
toilet papier.
Not to speak of what may be encountered at toilets,
like ladies who used the toilet before you, but
did not flush it.
And thank you for sharing the link to Joey's place.

Tanza Erlambang said...

Interesting list

Romance Book Haven said...

Aww...I kept chuckling through the list! So true!

LL Cool Joe said...

Haha thanks for the shout out! I ought to say that's it's both my daughters that leave the loo seat up.

My partner and I have our own toothpaste so that's not an issue.

I don't care how the loo roll is put on as long as there's one there.

My biggest irritation is people who let their dogs poop on my front lawn. Grrr.

Lauren said...

Thankfully people usually keep the toilet seat down at my house. It does drive me nuts when they don't replace the toilet paper though...and yes, omg, yes, it's over the roll! Not under! It doesn't work well under.