5 Dec 2018




Return for him. Yeah, right...

Seriously, you really would expect a warrior angel sent from God to keep his word,
wouldn't you? Well not this one. Not today. Today Sam and his crew are on their own.

So when the "him" they swear to "keep safe" turns out to be the single most venerated baby in all of human history ...

... and the thing they must keep him safe from is no less than a murderous
army of razor-taloned monsters spawned from the very pits of Hell...

... well then, now Sam and his two best buds have got themselves
one soul-chilling, diaper-filling, impending apocalypse of a problem.
- Back Cover Blurb (Contains what might be considered a spoiler; scroll over text to read the full synopsis. TT)

In the mirror there was darkness.
First Sentence; Prologue: The Angel And The Darkness

And still Rabbit stood there, bellowing his rage, super-soaker pouring salty vengeance upon the demon in the Santa hat.
Memorable Moment; Page 202

SOURCE ... Received from the author with thanks.

MY THOUGHTS ... Time-travelling babies. Magical swords. Demons in Santa hats ...

Looking for a 'Christmassy' read that isn't full of  romance and sentimental tosh? Looking for a festive read that's spellbinding, heart stopping, action packed, funny, poignant and, perhaps best of all, unique? Look no further.

The memorable story of  three teenage friends; three 'bruvs' tasked with the job of keeping a baby (and not just any baby) safe from the encroaching Darkness that threatens all of mankind.

Very much of the opinion that just because I did/didn't enjoy a book it doesn't mean to say that you will, I tend not to recommend books; merely to chronicle and share my thoughts on them BUT ...

One of my favourites of 2018; in fact I'd even go as far as to say its in my top three. Saviours Day is a super story, the characters (three 'misfit's) of which absolutely stole my heart; I could rave about it until, as my nana would say, the cows came home ...


Suko said...

Tracy, I enjoyed reading your concise, glowing review, and will keep this Christmassy book in mind!

Brian Joseph said...

This sounds very entertaining and very fun. As you mention, it seems to be a refreshingly different Christmas tale. I love the idea of demons wearing Santa Hats.

Kelly said...

Well... I wasn't thinking this really sounded like my kind of book (fantasy is not my favorite genre), but given your enthusiastic review, I might have to give it a bit more consideration. Ranking in your top three for the year is a pretty bold statement.

nightwingsraven said...

From your enthusiastic review this
book sounds different, engaging and
funny. And I will add it to my list.

Sophia Rose said...

Sounds like a fun change up from my usual holiday romances. Thanks for sharing about it, Tracy!

DMS said...

Wow! In the top 3- that is impressive. Sounds like an interesting holiday read. I like that it sounds unique. :)

Alexia561 said...

I love Christmas books that aren't full of romance and sentimental tosh so think this one is right up my alley! And the excerpt sounds snarky. I LOVE snarky! And to wind up in your top three is saying something!

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

This one is definitely well outside my comfort zone of fiction reading and I don't tend towards 'seasonal' reading at all.

That having been said, I won't let my personal thoughts take away from your usual excellent review. I can always rely on you being totally candid and honest with your comments, so I am pleased that you enjoyed this one so much.

I also love this version of the cover art you shared. The GoodReads 'red' version isn't anywhere near as appealing!

Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend :)


Felicity Grace Terry said...

As always thank you all for taking the time to comment.
Not a book I had expected to like anywhere near as much as I did ... to think I very emailed thank you but no thank you when approached with a request that I read/review this.
Your right Yvonne, the cover art as seen on GoodReads did not appeal to me nearly as much. I don't think it a true reflection of the book either.

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

This sounds like fun Tracy. You had me at time travel and magical swords!

The Bookworm said...

Glad you enjoyed Saviours Day so much, it does sound good. I like stories about misfits.