23 Apr 2018



Belfast 1993: A nocturnal ambulance service at the Belfast Central Station almost turns deadly for the young paramedic Ryan. In the crosshairs of the IRA, he is badly wounded and wakes up in the hospital with muddled memories. The police close the case fast, leaving too many burning questions unanswered. Most importantly, who was that old man who appeared at the scene out of nowhere and saved Ryan's life? Not fully recovered yet, Ryan begins searching for the mysterious man, only to get dragged into a feud between opposing paramilitaries - with fatal consequences... 

A thrilling story about fates in 20th century Northern Ireland.
- Back Cover Blurb

Our patient Mrs Weaver is filled with joy.
- First Sentence, Belfast 1993: Chapter 1

Adam felt like he was suffocating in the crowd. This wasn't his fight. He had a bad feeling about this, a bad premonition. This couldn't end well. Adam felt the hatred of the people around him. They didn't want an agreement; they wanted a fight out of pure defiance.
- Memorable Moment, Page 193

SOURCE ... Received with thanks from the author.


MY THOUGHTS ... A novel (the authors first) of what happens when two lives (and in many ways, two worlds) collide one fateful night. The mix of 1990's and 1930's Belfast compelling reading as events unfold. The puzzle of just who the mysterious man is solved as fictional characters combine with some actual events of the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland.

Yes, Belfast Central is an intriguing story of suspense that has its fair share of thrills and spills ... and then some. And yes, with such a keen insight into time and place and, indeed events, the author brings history to life. But so much more than that ....

A story of staying true to yourself, of building relationships, of bridging differences across a divide. It is the very human element, the characters themselves (both primary and secondary) that made this such an extraordinarily memorable read for me.

Read about Belfast Central including an extract and book trailer here.


Literary Feline said...

I am glad you enjoyed Belfast Central, Tracy. It does sound intense, and so much more. I enjoy a good thriller, but it's even better when an author goes even deeper. I will add this one to my wish list. Thank you for the recommendation.

Kelly said...

My first thought was, no... this isn't for me. It's a conflict I've never been able to wrap my mind around. But, based on your review, I think I'd be open to it if it happened to cross my path.

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

I love when fiction meets history. This sounds like a wonderful suspense.

Suko said...

Tracy, I'm glad you found this book extraordinary and memorable. Wonderful review, as always. I admire your reviewing style.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

As you were the first reviewer for this book on Goodreads, you did set the bar quite high with your 4 star rating, so it will be interesting to see what subsequent readers make of it.

Whilst the Irish troubles are not an area I have explored too deeply, it certainly sounds as though the author has done her research very thoroughly, which always impresses me no end.

Probably not one I shall be adding to my 'Want To Read' shelf immediately, I certainly wouldn't refuse the opportunity to read the book, should one present itself :)

Yvonne xx

Brian Joseph said...

Great review Tracy. The plot of this one sounds good. The history of The Irish Troubles is often tragic. It is also the source of some very good fiction.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Thanks for sharing this one; I hadn't heard of it before. It sounds really interesting though - I do love a good mystery!!


Gina said...

Hmm, sounds curious...but what really had me was that cover. Definitely an attention grabber! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

From what you said this sounds
like a truly compelling and intriguing
book. Not to speak of how memorable
the characters were for you. I will
add it to my list and thank you for
your excellent review.

Melliane said...

I always love a good thriller like that

carol said...

Not one I've heard of before, but it sounds like a good thriller.

The Bookworm said...

I like the sound of this thriller and the setting as well. Glad you enjoyed it!