7 Nov 2017



Inspired by Buddhist tradition, this original story tells how  Padme, a young servant girl, meets the Buddha as she is sweeping her master's house. When she laments that she is so busy that she would never have time to meditate, the Buddha gives her the instruction to "sweep and clean." This simple mindfulness practice transforms Padme's life, and when she encounters the Buddha many years later, he teaches her how to send compassion out to others. This book is a wonderful way to introduce children to the power of mindfulness meditation practice.
- Inner Front Cover Blurb

Long ago, in ancient India, an orphaned maiden named Padme grew up as a servant in a large, wealthy household.
- First Sentence

A crowd of people surrounded a man, but he was not seated on an elephant as a king would be, or on a horse as a warrior would be, or on a camel as a merchant would be. Instead, he was walking!
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SOURCE ... Received from the author's publicist with thanks.

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MY THOUGHTS ... Having read the authors The Tiger And The Dove historical trilogy, I was delighted to see what she had in store with this her latest book for children.

A sweet story, perfect for winding down. Beautifully illustrated in bright, bold colours by the author herself no less - a young friend and I had such fun seeking out the (not always obvious) monkey(s) which grace each drawing.

Inspired by Buddhist tradition, The Sweeper is a gentle introduction to the practice of Mindfulness. As an ex teaching assistant, I can tell you that there aren't too many books on Buddhism aimed at primary school children out there and I think this would make a wonderful resource for any classroom (I have donated my copy to a Religious Resource Library). Padme's story used not only as a gentle introduction to Buddhism but to spark several conversations about the human condition in a way that is suitable for young children.


Sherry Ellis said...

This sounds like a good book! You're right–there are not many children's books on Buddhism.

Kelly said...

I, too, enjoyed the author's historical trilogy, so this caught my eye right away when I saw her name.

It sounds like an excellent book for introducing children to different ideas. The illustrations sound great and I always enjoy books that include a theme (the monkeys in this case) throughout.

Barbara said...

What a beautiful story Tracy, thank you for sharing it.

Brian Joseph said...

It does seem unusual to find a children's book that is based upon Buddhist philosophy. This sounds like a great book that is great for children.

Suko said...

This sounds like a lovely book, for all ages. Wonderful review!

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

You hit all the right buttons with your presentation and review of this book in your post, including the link to the author website. Rebecca has had such an interesting career and is quite obviously wonderfully talented in the arts and crafts sector. I would consider buying this one for that reason alone.

Thanks for sharing and I hope that you enjoy whatever you decide to read nrxt )


Anonymous said...

From what you said in your excellent
review this sounds like a great, inspiring
and thought provoking book for all
ages. What you said about the beautiful
illustrations, the cover is already so
As well as that I will check out the
author's The Tiger and The Dove trilogy.

Gina said...

Sounds like a good read in general, but an excellent way to bring other cultures into the kiddos lives. Thanks for sharing!