3 Sep 2017


Why Eric Estrada? I hear you ask.

Not as random as it might at first seem. I loved the US cop show CHIPS when I was a girl.

 Why then the mention of CHIPS all these years later then? I hear you ask.

Once again, not as random as it might at first seem. Kelly's mention of CHIPS - OK so it isn't exactly that CHIPS but the newer version - here in her One-Sentence Movie Reviews got me thinking of one of my first school girl crushes.

But I digress ....

Actually not a post about Eric Estrada (or indeed CHIPS for that matter), rather Kelly's post got me thinking that MR T and I hadn't posted any movie reviews for some time.

The reason? A long story which I won't bore you with but in a nut shell .... 

  1. With my being in hospital/Mr T's Ordination we haven't exactly had a lot of weekends/spare time in general in which to watch DVDs.
  2. We cancelled our subscription to LoveFilm in favour of AmazonPrime where ...
  • We've both been thoroughly enjoying Vikings (we're up to Series four, part one) with, not just its pillaging and sex scenes (of which there are thankfully very few of the latter) but its, who'd have thought it, insights into religious intolerance, feminism and disability.
  • Mr T has been watching Preacher. A bit too bizarre for my tastes and not something I'd put my money on him enjoying but, hey-ho, Series 1 was watched in next to no time.
  • Last Sunday afternoon, Mr T took leave of his latest essay, in favour of us watching The BFG. Unlike himself, surprisingly not a book I'd actually read. The film was delightful (and I'm informed very true to the book), the animated characters not so human looking as to creep me out in the way that those who are too human to be animated whilst too animated to be quite human do (think The Polar Express) ... Oh, come on, please tell me its not just me ... And, oh my goodness, those Frobscottle guzzling corgis.


The Bookworm said...

lol My mom used to love Chips and Eric Estrada. Flashback!
Vikings looks very good. I've heard good things about AmazonPrime and am tempted. I mainly watch the history network on cable for a few shows but also Netflix. And The Walking Dead is a favorite series too.
Happy Sunday!

Kelly said...

Although we've had Amazon Prime for ages (for the shipping), we've rarely used the video service - mainly because we can't stream. We do Netflix by mail and there, we tend to stick with movies rather than series.

Vikings looks quite good to me. Preacher does look a bit odd... maybe just because I've rather had my fill of vampires and the like..

BFG is new to me and perhaps one that needs to go in our queue. I'm not sure if it would appeal to my husband or not.

Literary Feline said...

I had a crush on the other cop in CHIPS. I always had to go for the opposite one as everyone else. LOL I grew up on that show and loved it. I haven't seen the movie that came out not too long ago. I heard it was really bad. I haven't seen BFG, but I would like to. I keep hoping to talk my daughter into watching it. I imagine it will be one of those times I have to just turn it on despite her protests and she'll end up loving it in the end.

Brian Joseph said...

I also loved CHIPS when I was young. I now see Eric Estrada on infomercials :)

I am not sure that a remake of the series in the form of a film is good idea :(

Anonymous said...

I think I would really appreciate
BFG and Vikings sounds very good.

Barbara Fisher said...

A picture of Eric Estrada is a great way to start a Monday morning, thanks Tracy!
I’ve neither seen nor read The BFG (very remiss of me) but I really want to now that I’ve read about it here.

Suko said...

Your post's title drew me in, Tracy. Amazon Prime is wonderful! I am curious about The BFG now.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I always wanted to see his telanovella stint. :)

I also enjoyed the BFG. I hadn't read it either.

Karen Alderman said...

I love Preacher. We're watching S2 now and I think it's better (more focused) this season. It's pretty dark though. Even darker than S1.

For What It's Worth

Nikki-ann said...

I spotted The BFG on Amazon Prime... I really must watch it! I was a big fan of Roald Dahl's books as a kid and had read most of them (The BFG included). I love all his made up words :)