6 Jul 2017


For those of you who are regular visitors to Pen and Paper you will doubtlessly know that I don't often feature music but I couldn't resist sharing this, the theme tune from a drama both Mr T and I have been enjoying ....

Taken from the drama Broken, written by Jimmy McGovern and starring Sean Bean (not an actor who Mr T normally rates it has to be said), an incredibly moving drama. It's the kind of programme that has you both despairing of mankind whilst at the same time renewing your faith in it. 

Showing over six weeks in one hourly episodes (here in England we watched the last episode on Thursday), Broken tells the story of Father Michael Kerrigan (Sean Bean), a Catholic Priest in Manchester(or there abouts) who, whilst serving his community and congregation (a congregation struggling to reconcile its beliefs whilst facing the challenges of poverty, gambling, Homophobia and life lived in a mixed race community etc), is battling his own childhood demons (shown in flashbacks). 

It isn't often I recommend anything on Pen and Paper but if you enjoy gritty dramas with a social conscience you could do worse than to watch this.


Barbara Fisher said...

We’ve really enjoyed Broken but still have the last two episodes to watch as our grandson came to stay, and we don’t like to inflict too much of ‘our’ telly on him. The first time we heard the theme tune we rushed off to Google to find out why we both recognised it. Good to hear it sung by the wonderful Nina Simone.

Brian Joseph said...

Thanks for sharing. This is superb music.

Broken also sounds very good. It certainly sounds like it is worth watching.

Kelly said...

It's a lovely theme song and I think the series sounds quite good, too. Probably not something I'll have an opportunity to ever see, though, for a variety of reasons.

Anonymous said...

As I am not familiar with Broken
yet, I hope that it will be broadcast
here in The Netherlands. As it sounds
like a very moving and compelling drama.
And thank you for sharing Nina Simone's
superb performance of the theme song.

Suko said...

Broken sounds quite compelling. I will listen to Nina Simone later; I know she can sing!

Have a wonderful weekend, Tracy!

Suko said...

The song is so beautiful!

Alexia561 said...

What a beautiful song! Not sure if I'd like this drama as it might be a bit too much for me, but will keep it in mind for when I'm ready for weightier shows again. Glad you both enjoyed it!

Karen Alderman said...

That sounds very good. I wonder if we have it here in the US.

For What It's Worth

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I'm used to Bette Middler's version of the song so nice to hear another version.

Hm.. might have to see if the show is in the US as well.

LL Cool Joe said...

Thank you for the recommendation, I'd be interested in seeing it now after your review and listening to the song.