2 May 2017


Asked by a friend of mine to list Philippa Gregory's historical novels in chronological order, rather than send her an email I thought I'd post a list here on Pen and Paper.


  • Cousins War series ...
  • Tudor Court series ...
1. (06) The Constant Princess
2. (08) Three Sisters, Three Queens
3. (09) The Other Boleyn Girl
4. (10) The Boleyn Inheritance
5. (11) The Taming Of The Queen
6. (12) The Queen's Fool
7. (13) The Virgin's Lover
8. (14) The Last Tudor (To be published August 2017)
8. (15) The Other Queen

  • The Wideacre trilogy ...
1. Wideacre
2. The Favoured Child
3. Meridon
  • The Tradescants novels ...
1. Earthly Joys
2. Virgin Earth
  • Stand alone novels (in no particular order) ...
  • The Wise Woman
  • Fallen Skies
  • A Respectable Trade

MODERN (Stand Alone) FICTION (In no particular order) ...

  • Alice Hartley And The Growth Centre (also published as Alice Hartley's Happiness)
  • Perfectly Correct
  • The Little House
  • Zelda's Cut
  • ~~~~~~~~~

    • Out Of Darkness series ...
    1. Changeling
    2. Stormbringers
    3. Fool's Gold


    Please NoteThe chronological order of these books was obtained from the GoodReads site and was correct at the time this post was published.

    Whilst the numbers pre the book titles in the Cousin's War and Tudor Court series denote the chronological order in that particular series, the numbers in brackets denote the chronological order of the books of the Cousin's War series and the Tudor Court which are known collectively as the Plantagenet & Tudor novels. 

    Her short story aside, I have read all of the author's books,some of them pre Pen and Paper. TT


    Kelly said...

    Thanks for this post, Tracy. She's written far more than I realized.

    I've only read the first two in the Cousins' War series and I hope to eventually read all six of those. I read the first in the Wideacre Trilogy years ago, when it was just a stand alone. That's been so long ago I can't see myself ever going back and reading the other two. I honestly remember nothing about it other than I enjoyed it. I'd rather continue on through the Tudor books instead.

    Suko said...

    She's quite a prolific author!I have a few of her books, but I haven't read any of them yet,but I plan to. Thanks for the lists, Tracy.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for posting this
    very comprehensive list!

    Brian Joseph said...

    I have never read Gregory but her books sound very good.

    She writes about such interesting times and on interesting subjects. I hope to give her a try some day.

    Melissa (Books and Things) said...

    I've only read one book by her and I really need to change that. Great list!

    The Bookworm said...

    Wow, she has written so many. I have read a few in the Tudor series and really enjoyed them.

    Gina R said...

    Ooh! Passing this on to a friend that pretty much reads everything this author writes. Thanks for the share!