19 May 2017




Filth the Fiend, Arthur the Dragon and O'Brien the Leprechaun love their music.


Will they be able to defeat some sinister skeletons, terrifying Trolls and grumpy Gnomes in the Battle of the Bands?

FIRST SENTENCE  {CHAPTER ONE: FILTH}: 'And where d'you think you're going?' enquired Witch Sludgegooey.

MEMORABLE MOMENT {PAGE 156}: They* were whispering and casting haughty looks over their shoulders at four tough-looking female Zombies with frightening hairstyles and heavy boots who were glaring back in a confrontational way. (*Three female Gnomes. TT)

SOURCE: Ex library stock.

READ FOR: The tenth book read for the Mount TBR Reading Challenge.

MY THOUGHTS: Suggested by several websites as being particularly suitable for those aged nine to eleven. 

Apparently the first in a series though it somehow felt as if there were previous books ... perhaps because it featured some characters from an earlier series written by the author.

Essentially a book that may well be appreciated more by the younger X Factor (and other reality TV music competition) aficionados. For myself ..

The characters of much more appeal than the plot itself. Wonderfully imaginative pen and ink illustrations (of which I wish there were more full paged) that without doubt influenced my rating. Overall, Crash 'N' Bang was well worth the 'I Liked It' rating that I awarded it, but ...

Though doubtlessly a book that will be enjoyed by readers of a certain age. I do however think that, unlike some books that all ages tend to find funny, the humour of this is such that I don't necessarily think it will translate particularly well to an adult market ... or at least it didn't to this particular adult market.


Kelly said...

You mentioned enjoying the illustrations.... the cover drew me in right off. It's looks really cute!

Brian Joseph said...

As for the humor not working for adults, I think that sometimes children's books really work for adults, but sometimes they are complete misses.

I also love the cover.

Anonymous said...

As I suspect that I would love
the characters and the illustrations,
I will add the book to my list.
And I, too love the cover!

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

Part of me can see the appeal of this book for a nine to eleven year old boy, with characters like 'Filth the Fiend' and 'Witch Sludgegooey'.

However, I only have to think of the young people who come into the charity shop on a Saturday to buy pocket money books and there are many who must fall into that age group who are now into Anthony Horowitz books and YA books by Chris Ryan and Andy McNab.

Personally, I would be more interested in checking out the pen and ink illustrations.

Thanks for sharing, the little person in my lfe is still far too young to appreciate it though :)


Barbara Fisher said...

Hi Tracy, I love the cover which is always a good start, but I don’t think I will be looking for this one. It’s not really my cup of tea, and my granddaughters are too little for it at the moment. They might well enjoy it in a few years.
I hope you are continuing to feel better.

Natasha Hill said...

I can see why you liked the cover, it's so cute! I do love it when covers have illustrations like these as I love illustration in general and while this book is probably not for my age range, I would no doubt have still enjoyed it I'm sure as it reminds me of what I used to read! A lovely review, and thank you for always leaving such lovely comments on my posts too Tracy. Hope you're well! - Tasha

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

The cover looks good and I am glad to hear you enjoyed the illustrations. Interesting that it read like it wasn't the first book in a series. Very helpful review. :)

Melliane said...

this one is new to me but I understand the feeling of thinking that there were at least a book before

Suko said...

The cover is certainly bewitching. Thanks again for your honest and well-worded review. It sounds like these tales are truly meant for young readers.