2 Feb 2017



BACK COVER EXCERPT: 'I was happy to take out the frilly ribbons of fantastical thought. In the North I had gotten used to sparseness as a way of life. Think before you speak; otherwise excess will speak out like the devil's palaver. A penny earned is a penny saved and such like. I was sympathetic to this as I was born with frugal habits. Also I was a scholar. In the old days of libraries I spent even sun-drenched days in the dusky corners where a wooden desk let me read and write.' - from 'The Old Turk.

FIRST SENTENCE {The Old Turk}: Old stones are forever whispering.

MEMORABLE MOMENT {Page 45}: Now, purple is a serious ink.The fade in its tint speaks of decorum. Modesty becomes the feminine. This ink wears long skirts above court shoes. I can hear the swish of it as I put pen to paper. Purple is not flirtatious ink. But it might shade crimson to lavender and then the ink invites the fantastic.

SOURCE: Received for review from PublishingPush

READ FOR: Not applicable.

MY THOUGHTS: Not so much a selection of tales as what I thought of as a stroll through someone's dreams.

Such a beautiful book. A hard back copy with an in-built ribbon book mark. Printed on shiny paper (not something always to my taste I admit but here it somehow fit), the full colour illustrations, many of them abstract, vibrant and delightful.

It wasn't so long ago that I would have dismissed this selection of tales as something I simply 'didn't get' and though still slightly intimidated (nothing to do with the author and her work and everything to do with me and my preconceptions) I found myself really enjoying the stories, especially that of The Old Turk

With a more flowery prose than I'm used to, it took a while to get accustomed to the ebb and flow of the author's  narrative but once I did I lost myself in the beautifully hypnotic words. 


Kelly said...

Hmmm... I guess this is one I'd have to hold in my hands and thumb through to know if it would appeal or not. The blurb and several of the things you said have me doubting.

I do like a pretty book in looks and feel, though.

Natasha Hill said...

Ooh I am intrigued by this book! I love the style of the prose from the excerpts you added, and that first sentence had me hooked straight away. I do like it when authors write as if it's a stream of consciousness, it's always a hypnotic way of writing and reading. Will definitely have to give this a go. Thanks for the recommendation Tracy! Hope you're well. - Tasha

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

This is one of those books that would be great as a gift that I could pick up and put down at will, although I really enjoy books which have good illustrations.

I would be particularly keen to see what style of illustration is used in the storyline your memorable moment is taken from, as the words are very strong and vibrant themselves.

Thanks for sharing and I hope that all is well with you :)


Suko said...

Tracy, it seems you really enjoyed this book! It is new to me. Wonderful review! I hope your week is going well, reading-wise and otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Although your excellent review and
the excerpt which you shared truly
piqued my curiosity. I think I would
like to see this book first and hold
it in my hands. Though I suspect that
I would add it to my list.

Melliane said...

yes it looks like a beautiful one

Brian Joseph said...

It is interesting how your reading tastes have are changing. I also appreciate books now that I would not have liked a few years ago.

The physical book itself sounds so appealing. Physical aesthetics of books is something that I am beginning to appreciate more and more.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

That's great you found yourself enjoying these stories. The book sounds like a really beautiful edition, which is always a plus. :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh I love the sound of this one. I don't mind it taking a bit to get into it, just as long as you love it in the end. :)

DMS said...

I am glad to hear you enjoyed this one and that the tales were interesting. Thanks for the introduction. :)

Literary Feline said...

I admit at first glance, this doesn't sound like something I would pick up, but your comments about it, and the memorable moment you shared have me wanting to give it a try. I am glad you liked this one, Tracy!

Barbara Fisher said...

I know I wouldn’t have picked this up in a bookshop, because the cover doesn’t appeal to me but your review has me changing my mind. It once again proves you just can’t judge a book …

Gina R said...

You see, I had it pegged as a collection of stories too. Love the sound of the packaging though...sometimes that makes all the difference in whether or not a title is picked up at random. Thanks for the share!

Karen said...

Sounds like a pleasant reading surprise.

Karen @For What It's Worth