10 Feb 2017


What a way to be greeting my birthday tomorrow.

Having risen at 4.44pm GMT tonight (10th February) only to set again at 7.30am GMT Saturday morning before rising again at 5.56pm GMT on Saturday evening (please remember that because the lunar month is on average 29 days long the dates will vary each year), yes, I shall be celebrating my birthday not just under any full moon but under a full moon known as a Snow Moon.

Dating back to the times when the Native Americans named each of the full moons in order to keep track of the seasons, February's full moon is known as Snow or Hunger Moon as it is very often the month to see the most snow making hunting harder due to the inclement weather conditions.

But that's not all. 

Doubly blessed with a second celestial event visible in the UK over my birthday (not that tonight's moon will look unusual as unlike several of the other moons it is not a scientific phenomena ...

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will be visible from 10.30pm on February 10, peaking at 0.43am on February 11 and ending at 2.52am.

But what of the other months? 

According to the Native Americans ...

  • January: Wolf Moon. Representing the wolves who were often heard howling outside of the villages at this time of year
  • March: Worm Moon. As the temperature begins to warm so the ground begins to thaw, the earthworms to rear their heads
  • April: Pink Moon. Named for the herb moss pink, or wild ground phlox, one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring
  • May: Flower Moon. Representing the flowers now in full bloom
  • June: Strawberry Moon. For the month which sees strawberry picking at its peak
  • July: Buck Moon. In honour of the buck beginning to grow their antlers
  • August: Sturgeon Moon. Named by the fishing tribes for the sturgeon, most readily caught at during this month
  • September: Harvest Moon. Named for the corn typically harvested at this time of year
  • October: Hunter's Moon. A time when the hunters rode easily over the land, animals easily spotted
  • November: Beaver Moon. A time when the beavers are busy preparing for winter, the tribes set traps hoping to ensure a good store of fur
  • December: Cold Moon. The month when temperatures typically plummeted, winter taking a firm hold.
2017 GMT dates and times here. U.S EAST & UTC here.


Natasha Hill said...

Oh how lovely! Happy Birthday for tomorrow Tracy, hope you have an amazing day, I'll also make sure to send you some birthday wishes tomrrow too, but how cool you're under the Snow Moon! I was intrigued by this, and I've got the Buck Moon as I'm a July birthday - very cool and interesting! - Tasha

Tracy Terry said...

Ooh, same month as MR T and Niece #1. I don't know when exactly your birthday is in July Natasha but the full moon is on the 12th at 11.34ish.

LL Cool Joe said...

I've just celebrated my birthday. It seems there are a great many bloggers that have their birthdays in February. I hope it's good day whatever the moon is doing!

Kelly said...

Ooo, I like seeing all the moons listed here in one place with their meanings. Some of them I learned about in that "Huntress Moon" series we read. (did you ever read the fourth?)

Not only is it a full moon and a lunar eclipse, there's also a visible comet (according to my weather station). I just hope it's not too cloudy here for viewing.

Wishing you a stellar birthday! (pun intended)

Suko said...

Happy pre-birthday, Tracy! I love the idea of the Snow Moon. Last night, I noticed a very lovely moon which I attempted to capture in a photo.

Literary Feline said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Tracy! The moon was beautiful last night when I got home from work.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Tracy!
And I really appreciated what you
shared about all the different

Brian Joseph said...

Happy Birthday Tracy.

The pairing of various plants, animals and events with various months and moons is so interesting. It is a reminder just how tied to the seasons, and the skies our ancestors were.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Happy Birthday!!

Pam R said...

Hi Tracy,
Happy Birthday for tomorrow.
Missed you again on Thurs.
I sent you an Email a few minutes ago. Email address used to send is yours shown with emails, which I receive as a subscriber to your blog. When you get a mo' , please confirm receipt. Link on this page to your FB page is broken. Didn't like to ring though I do have your mobey number as I thought it might not be convenient.
Thinking of you.
Pam (Book Group)xx

Nikki-ann said...

A belated Happy Birthday, I hope you had a wonderful day! :)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day.

Karen @For What It's Worth

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was fantastic and you had a lovely weekend. :)

ClaudineGueh@CarryUsOffBooks said...

Happy Birthday, Tracy! Enjoy your special day with Mr. T. And thanks for including all the moons here. I'm a Buck Moon and I love that image of them growing their antlers. Some of them sound absolutely lovely: Snow Moon (Hunger Moon sounds a bit scary), Strawberry, Flower. And some sound adventurous: Wolf, Harvest, Hunter's.

Barbara Fisher said...

Hello Tracy, I heard a reference to the Snow Moon on TV but had no idea what it was, thank you for explaining it.
Reading about moons I’m beginning to wish I was born in any month other than August, although July is not a lot better. Why couldn’t I be born in June or September Strawberry and Harvest moon sound a whole lot nicer than Sturgeon Moon!
Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow. x

Sherry Ellis said...

Very interesting information about the naming of the moon! They all certainly make sense.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

A belated Happy Birthday wish is coming your way. I'm so sorry to have missed your post, but unfortunately family circumstances have meant that I haven't been online much this week. My dad passed away suddenly and things have been a little sad, as it was also both his, and my brothers birthdays this week.

I loved this post, so interesting to learn about all the different moons. Both hubbie and I are part of the May Flower Moon :)

Thanks for sharing.