15 Sept 2016


Following on from my review of The Six Train To Wisconsin on Monday, today I bring you the second book in the series ...


AMAZON.CO.UK BLURB: His secrets almost killed her. Her secrets may destroy them both. 

Kai is recovering from a near-death experience when she realizes something isn’t right. Her body is healing, but her mind no longer feels quite like her own. Her telepathic powers are changing, too. She can’t trust herself. The darkness growing inside of her pushes her to use her telepathy as a weapon.

Oliver clings to the hope that he can save their marriage, even though he was the one who put her life in jeopardy. As his wife slips further and further away from him, he becomes increasingly obsessed with bringing the man who ruined his life to justice. 

SOURCE: An Advance Reading Copy hence the lack of First Sentence/Memorable Moment. At the time of posting Highway Thirteen To Manhattan was only available in Kindle format.

MY THOUGHTS: With many of the things - the occasional full page black and white photographs, the dual narration, the emotional roller-coaster of a ride etc - that made the first book in the series, The Six Train To Wisconsin, such a hit also present in this, the second novel, how could I fail but to enjoy Highway Thirteen To Manhattan? 

Books that without doubt should be read in order (and not just because the first is so good). This follows straight on from the last instalment as Kai and Oliver struggle with their increasingly troubled relationship, Kai's 'condition' seemingly intensified by previous events as she finds her powers spiralling out of control and fears shes enjoying this rather more than she should.

Psychologically much darker than the last book, the characters evolving beautifully AND even more of Kai's dream walker brother, Caleb, who, having met previously, I was hoping to get to know more about. If anything I actually enjoyed this more than book one.

A novel full of suspense. A tale of the supernatural as well as the altogether more human. Jealousies, angst and revenge ... the list goes on but can probably be summed up as a novel I could praise (to use one of my nana's expressions) 'until the cows came home'. Yes, it really is as good as that.


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Kelly said...

Well.... you might have me convinced on these now. I'll certainly keep them in mind.

Glad you enjoyed them so much! You had a bit of a run of duds for awhile there.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

How great that you enjoyed the second book as much (more?) as the first - that doesn't always happen!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Glad to hear you really enjoyed the second in the series! Sounds like an exciting read.

Melliane said...

that's nice so many things in this one and I didn't even know about it

Brian Joseph said...

The plot's of these books sound intriguing.

I like thoughtful science fiction with interesting any characters. As I have been wanting to read some newer books in this genre, I might give this series a try.

Sherry Ellis said...

It certainly has a compelling premise. Sounds like one I'd like to read.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh I love it when the second book is better. Doesn't happen a lot. Also good to remind me to read in order. LOL

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Well now you have added 2 books to my wishlist. Wonderful review Tracy!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate you finding the time to read both my books and review them! And thank you so much for this awesome review! I really agonized over this sequel, wanting it to be as good if not better than the first book. So happy to hear it hit your sweet spot as a reader! :)