8 Sept 2016

CHATTY CAT # 3 & 4.

Today I'm bringing you not one books but two, books three and four in the paw-some Chatty Cat series by Suzan Collins who very kindly sent me both books to review.

BACK COVER BLURB: Chatty Cat, the funny, sulky and occasionally wise rescue cat is back for the third time, and has lots to say for herself!

 She is very well settled in her new home and has trained her she-hooman, Jade, to provide nearly everything she needs. Jade still has a few bad habits, though, which Chatty needs to sort out.

In this third Chatty Cat book, you will find out how she makes new friends, goes on fresh adventures and discovers more about the fascinating world she inhabits. Learn more about Chatty’s life, likes and dislikes, and what to do when your hooman is stealing from you ...

FIRST SENTENCE {Preface}: I was a stray and had been in a pen, in a cat shelter.

MEMORABLE MOMENT {Page 108}: 'White Cat didn't like me cos I am different.

'You are not different. You are the same as us. Well not the same as Bert the Parrot cos he's a Parrot but you're the same as us cats.'

'Am I?' he says and stops and looks at me. 

MY THOUGHTS: Feline in need of a cat based story that is both fun and informative ... oh and has some great illustrations (actual photographs as well as pen and ink drawings) ... that takes a look at some big issues in a way that is both sensitive and understandable to young readers? Then look no further ...

A she-hooman (as Chatty Cat describes her), Jade, (aka author Suzan Collins) has a pawsome way of getting into the minds of our furry friends, of explaining just what they need in order to keep them fit and well, but in this, My Purr-Fect Friends, she also takes a look at some of life's other issues such as bullying and dementia. 

The third book in the Chatty Cat series. If you haven't already read the first two books I strongly suggest you do so in order that you get to follow the adventures of Chatty Cat from a timid newly-homed rescue cat to the confident cat with new friends of the feathered and shelled variety as well as, of course, the furry, that she is today.

With a cute new look ('My Purr-Fect New Home' and 'Spring Into Summer have also been given a make-over) whilst My Purr-Fect Friends like the other books in the series has quite a following amongst us grown-ups as well as children, this sweet design is bound to appeal to younger readers.


BACK COVER BLURB: Chatty Cat's new book is full of fun-filled things for you to do, and is based on the bestselling series. There are sixty pages of activities including crosswords, colouring, spot the difference and word searches, featuring many of the characters from the previous books.

Gather your pens and pencils and have a great time with Chatty Cat and her friends.


MY THOUGHTS: What a wonderful edition to the Chatty Cat series. A great way for the little ones (though I must admit to thoroughly enjoying it myself) to get involved, to perhaps bond with older siblings/parents, to discuss not only Chatty Cat and friends but also the cats (and other animals) in their life as they colour/word search/spot the difference etc their way through this fun little activity book that as well as doubtlessly providing hours of entertainment will also gently educate.


Suko said...

Both of these books sound terrific, Tracy. I will keep an eye out for this fun, feline series. Wonderful reviews!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Activity and "extra" books for younger series are always fun. Thanks for sharing!

Literary Feline said...

I love the sound of this series and am glad it is holding up with each installment. It sounds delightful!

Mary (Bookfan) said...

They sound good!

Melliane said...

It looks definitely cute

Brian Joseph said...

It is neat that the series includes activity books. Tie ins like this really can add to the fun.

Yanting Gueh said...

Looks fun! I'm a cat woman so naturally this appeals to me.

Kelly said...

Oh, I can almost guarantee I would love these as much as any child would. I especially like the thought of the activity book.

It made me smile that even these would be best read in order.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I think this would be perfect for some littles that I know! They love cats and I might have to read it first before giving it to them. ;)

DMS said...

These sound like such fun. Maybe I should read them with my kitties. :) Thanks for sharing!