5 Dec 2015


A tradition I first became aware of several years ago when I saw a post on Suko's NotebookWho can believe it's December already and therefore time to recall the events of 2015 by sharing links to the first post of every month.

JANUARY: BOOKS READ 2014 ... Recalling 2014 which saw 137 books or approximately 41,858 pages read. Hmm! I wonder how 2015 will compare?

FEBRUARY: MRS DALLOWAY ... Sad to say but there is a certain amount of literary snobbery out there and I'm afraid when it comes down to the so called classics versus more contemporary fiction ..... Well, lets just say that in the book snobs eyes there is no comparison. And thus, worried my discernment as a reader might be called into question, I found myself almost loath to admit that not only did I not enjoy the novel, I was bored by it.

MARCH: ON MATTERS OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT AND CONVENIENCE ... From the passengers on the bus shout 'ding-ding-ding to the 10 most unusual things left in a north east taxi.

APRIL: LOVEFILM: MARCH '15 ... 'Delivery Man', 'Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes', 'God's Not Dead', 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'.

MAY: 6 DEGREES OF SEPARATION #12: ELIZABETH IS MISSING ... A monthly meme in which readers are invited to link six books according to whatever connections come to mind. One of the few 'starter' books I had actually read, Elizabeth is missing took me from Swallowing Grandma by Kate Long to Jodi Picoult's The Storyteller.

JUNE: FROM NO SWEARING AT THE SHEEP TO A SEXUALLY INTENSE DUCK ... In an 'animal special' - the employee caught using profanities in front of animals to Desmond Drake, 'a sexually intense dead duck' and, of course, how could we forget? Bessie the Wallsend Cow.

JULY: GETTING CREATIVE ... From the 'Bibliochair' to DIY boobmarks via 'book bins' and a reading lamp.

AUGUST: THE PHARAOH'S CAT ... A time travel tale that takes us from ancient Egypt to modern day New York. Combining the history of ancient Egypt, a sweet romance, a pantomime villain and a talking cat with a great sense of humour The Pharaoh's Cat is as entertaining as it is educational.

SEPTEMBER: LOVEFILM: AUGUST '15 ... From 'Exodus: Gods And Kings' to 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' by way of 'The Boxtrolls'.

OCTOBER: THE SLEEPWALKER'S GUIDE TO DANCING ... At two pages shy of 500, too long. Not that this would put me off in itself but I'm afraid combined with the minute print of this Bloomsbury 2014 edition and the superfluous hour-by-hour, day-by-day ramblings reading The Sleep Walker's Guide To Dancing proved to be something of a chore.

NOVEMBER: A MEDIA MONDAY ETIQUETTE SPECIAL ... From videos comparing sex to that well known British pastime of drinking tea to the 39 steps of being a modern gentleman.

DECEMBER: WHEN LITTLE KITTY MET MOG: TWO 'PAW'SOME CATS, TWO GREAT CHARITIES ... Two great books raising money for two great charities both of which are close to my heart AND my favourite 2015 Christmas advert.


Natasha said...

I think my favourites are definitely the two charity books you've been working on - it's such a brilliant cause and it's my favourite Christmas advert too :D - Tasha

Gina said...

Ah the memories. ^-^

Kelly said...

A great variety of posts - and I'm always amazed at the number of books you read each year!

Suko said...

Tracy, your First Lines certainly capture the humor and diversity of your posts over the past year. Thank you very much for the mention. I will do my First Lines post later this month. I will try to post a regular post first!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh, I love this idea! I might have to do it on my blog when I have the chance. It must be fun to look back at some of what you posted during the year.

Arti said...

Got to love that picture quote - just rounds it all so well! Definitely a lot of fun going through these posts and culminating with the two great books raising charity - couldn't have been any better.

Literary Feline said...

I love that you do this--feature the first post for each month of the year! I am so glad I got to spend the year with you through blogging.

Brian Joseph said...

The year went so fast.

I have enjoyed your blog immensely this tear. This is a nice recap.

Here's to 2016!

Melwyk said...

How fun to see your lively First Lines joining the roundup of our blogging years! Sounds like you had some great reading/viewing experiences this year.