30 Sept 2015


Hmm, reviewing a book you've had a part in writing? Is it just me or isn't that the done thing? 

Having created Pen and Paper as a means of cataloguing the books I'd read and my thoughts on them let's think of this not so much as a review as my simply recording my thoughts on a book just as I would any other.


BACK COVER BLURB: Little Kitty wouldn't exactly call herself a cat burglar.

She just likes to bring back the occasional gift for her humans.

When they go away on holiday, Little Kitty has the house all to herself. She lazes on the sofa in the sunshine, explores the new neighbours' garden and listens out for old Mrs Browne who brings over her dinner every day.

But after a fur-raising run-in with a big black cat called Thor, Little Kitty soon realises it's going to be up to her to protect the residents of Peppercorn Place from a real thief.

FIRST SENTENCE {Chapter One as written by myself}: Ah, how I love Sunday mornings!

SOURCE: Purchased from amazon.co.uk. (The book is also available on other local amazon sites.)

MY THOUGHTS: Caterina Longtail? Ah, that would be the collective pen name of myself and the seven other authors - Ann Bowyer, Suzan Collins, Lucille Rayner, Jo Wilde, Tottie Limejuice, JB Johnston and Ros Lyons - each of whom wrote a chapter of this chain story that chronicles the adventures of Little Kitty.

Even though I do say so myself, a purrfect read for cat lovers of all ages or indeed those who are simply after a wonderfully sweet little read. A pawsome stocking filler ideal for bedtime reading ... and it raises money for a worthy cause to boot (all proceeds go to Alzheimers Research).

and illustrated by Katie Atkinson and Rachel Lawston, though I say so myself the illustrations are absolutely adorable. A kitten in the top right hand corner appearing to run as you flick through the pages.

But enough of my thoughts, what are other readers saying?

'When Tracy announced the book was available for purchase, I immediately ordered three copies: one for my grandchildren, one for my kitty-obsessed younger daughter, and (of course) one for myself. when I gave my daughter her copy, she pointed out something I hadn't yet noticed ... the little kitties on the upper right of each page "run" when used as a "flip book"!! Such fun!

It's a delightful tale, one to be enjoyed by all ages. I highly recommend it!'

'A super little story of a very brave little kitty written by several ladies, it was very clever idea to write it as they did. I think all ages would love this and what a fantastic way of making some money for Alzheimers Research UK. This terrible disease is in every family and we are all touched by it in some way. Well done.' - Katiematie (amazon.co.uk)

'This is a lovely story that everyone will be able to relate to as you delve into the thoughts and manipulations of Little Kitty. It's sweet and funny: I laughed out loud on more than a few occasions. This is a lovely little story that people of all ages would enjoy and the fact that it's for a fabulous cause is even better.  - Patricia Smith (amazon.co.uk)

A precious little tale with delightful illustrations - one to be enjoyed by all ages. Plus, all proceeds go to a worthy charity. It can't get better than that! - KsrgmcK (amazon.com)


brandileigh2003 said...

Hmm new to me!

Unknown said...

oh my goodness, this looks so cute, especially that cover!

Karen said...

How cute!

Karen @For What It's Worth

Natasha said...

I'll have to get a hold of this it sounds so cute, and even better that you had a part in it too, that must have been really cool! - Tasha


Buy this book! It's brilliant but then I am biased! ;-)

Sherry Ellis said...

Sounds like a cute book! Kudos to you for having a part in writing such a good read!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's really lovely - but as a confirmed disliker (is that a word) of cats*, it's not a book for me!!!!!

*partly because of our neighbours' untold number of cats which regard our garden as their toilet!!

Trac~ said...

Awww... I LOVE the sound of this book and I have a fellow co-worker who is CAT crazy - seriously, so this will be the perfect little gift for her this Christmas. My grandfather died of Alzheimer's disease, so it hits home here as well. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

Kelly said...

Of course it needed to be reviewed here!

I give it my 100% approval rating. :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

LOVE this and congraties!! Purrrfect first sentence. ;)

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Tracy,

Of course you should 'blow your own trumpet' a little.

I know what it feels like just to see my name in the acknowledgements of a book, so how great must it be to see not only your name, but your writing, in print :)

Just one small point. Amazon features the brilliant cover art on the book's page, which undoubtedly helps to draw attention to it. Would it be possible to upload the image to Goodreads also? It would make such a difference.

Now we have been made great auntie and uncle - Joshua James was born Monday 21st September - I now have someone to order my copy for :)



Yanting Gueh said...

Congratulations on having written and published a story, Tracy. Gosh, that kitty on the cover ... so adorable! Proceeds go to a very good cause here and I wish you HUGE success with it. Will definitely share this around.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Thank you for all your comments and support, I'm truly overwhelmed by your kind words.

Thanks Yvonne: As I commented on GoodReads I'm not actually aware of how you add a cover image (or if indeed you can), I always thought it was added once a book was verified by the GR team but now that you have mentioned it I'll be sure to check it out.

Brian Joseph said...

It id so neat that you were one of the authors of this book Tracy.

In addition the entire concept of joint authorship is a good one.

Congratulations again!

Gina said...

Great job on the review and splendid work on the story. A copy to call my own is on my wish list for future purchase. ^-^ *applauds madly*

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