10 Jun 2015


Hmm, seeing as you are here reading this presumably you don't suffer from Sophophobia ... The fear of learning anything new.

Whilst not usually a participant in the WWW (Wondrous Words Wednesday) meme I do like to see what words the bloggers who do participate (Yvonne @ Fiction Books and Suko @ Suko's Notebook included) have come up with and having seen this article I simply had to share these with you.

I've covered the answers to see if you can guess what the phobia is, simply scroll over to reveal what they are.

  • Geniophobia ... The fear of chins
  • Pogonophobia ... The fear of beards
  • Pentheraphobia ...The fear of one's mother-in-law
  • Ablutophobia ... The fear of washing/bathing
  • Mortuuequusphobia ... The fear of ketchup/tomato-based sauces.
Or how about these phobias as shared on the Nursing Degree Guides site?  Only three of one hundred be sure to check out the rest.
  • Venustraphobia ... The fear of beautiful women
  • Nomophobia ... The fear of losing mobile phone contact
  • Spectrophobia ... The fear of your reflection in a mirror
Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Kathy over at ‘BermudaOnion’s Weblog’.


Gina said...

LOL. I think everyone suffers from nomophobia to some degree. Who knew it was so widespread! ;)

Kelly said...

While I never participate with my own entry, I always enjoy seeing what words Yvonne comes up with at her place.

I'll admit...I knew NONE of the phobias you listed here! There must be a name for everything imaginable that can be feared.

Suko said...

I'm "afraid" these phobias are all new to me, Tracy! Thanks for this fun post, and for the mention. :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Shouldn't Nomophobia be verisonphobia? Maybe you didn't get the commercials there but if you google "Can you hear me now?" you can get all kinds of info on this annoying commercial. LOL

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it :)

I don't come across enough new to me words to participate in this meme every week, however when I do manage to publish a Wednesday post, I have such great fun checking out what new words everyone else has managed to come up with, so it is good to have you participate and what some fantastic words!

Mortuuequusphobia, is a fantastic word and I have to admit to checking it out for myself, in the hope of discovering an easy way to articulate the word, it's a real tongue twister!

I also love the way you made this post into something of a quiz with your blackout technique. This is by no means the first time I have seen you make posts much more interesting in this way, it is so effective.

Thanks for fun as well as education :)


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Phobias are just fascinating. It's a bit odd to think that people would be scared of so many random things, but it happens!

Brian Joseph said...

Great post Tracy.

I also had never heard of any of these phobias. They sound amusing but I suppose that having any of these might be very disruptive of ones life.

One has to wonder though, does anyone really have Mortuuequusphobia?

Lindsay said...

These are brilliant Tracy, thank you for sharing them. I think the only one I knew was pognophobia, the beard one, due to an ex's attempts to grow one many years ago...!

Literary Feline said...

I knew a couple of the phobias you mention. Like something else mentioned, I bet Nomophobia is more common than we'd like to admit. My manager just mentioned in our meeting the other day that she will be taking her cell phone on vacation with her. She says she can't help it--she has to check her e-emails and messages every day, even about work.

I suffer from Pyrophobia myself, which has led to Mageirocophobia. I joke and laugh about my fears, but the reality is they can be very debilitating at times and therefore are a serious matter.

Stephanie Faris said...

So many fears! It's funny...the fear of beards is a justified one, especially as everyone now has those lumberjack beards. One show did a test and found men with facial hair had more bacteria in their facial hair than ANYONE they tested had anywhere on their bodies. Probably not a good thing to think about if you're eating dinner across the table from someone with facial hair.

brandileigh2003 said...

Ha! Great topic. I have a friend who is afraid of old people, legit.

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

Phobias are so fascinating. There are so many of them and most I have never heard of! I had such fun making guesses and checking to see if I was right. I was wrong every time. :)