13 Dec 2019


Christmas at the Little Clock House on the Green (Whispers Wood)CHRISTMAS AT THE LITTLE CLOCK HOUSE ON THE GREEN by EVE DEVON.

After giving his heart last year only to have it given away the very next day, Jake Knightley is opting out of Christmas—permanently! But then a beautiful new village arrival sets mayhem in motion, upsetting all his carefully laid plans.

Emma Danes has said goodbye to Hollywood and will do anything to help make the clock house a success, even working closely with the tempting Mr Knightley.

Now, as snow starts to fall and romance starts to bloom, Emma and Jake may just find themselves repeating Whispers Wood history beneath the mistletoe…
- Back Cover Blurb

Kate Somersby upended the contents of her handbag over her desk and watched the hundred or so fluorescent pink post-its flutter to the surface like confetti.
- First Sentence; The Grandfather Of All Clock-Ups: Kate 

 Everyone had time for Old Man Isaac. Depending on your age, he was either every man's Yoda, or, every man's Dumbledore. 
- Memorable Moment; Page 163

SOURCE ... A charity shop buy.

READ FOR  A CHALLENGE? ... Late in signing up this year and unable to even begin to estimate what level I'll be able to attain I'm never the less participating in this year's Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge details of which can be found here.

MY THOUGHTS ... As with all series I've joined part way through not having read any of the previous books there is always the understanding that likely as not I will of course have missed out on some of the characters back stories etc. Whether this has made any difference to my enjoyment (or not as the case may be) of the book ... well that depends.

Rated two stars ('It was OK') on GoodReads I do think that in this case my not having read the first book (The Little Clock House on the Green) in this particular series did make a difference in that I think to have those back stories might have proved beneficial. However, that said, not a story nor (more importantly) characters I liked/cared enough about to want to fill in the blanks by reading the previous book.

Putting aside the fact that, as is common with these so called Christmas books, there was actually very little Christmassy about Christmas At the Little Clock House On The Green ...

What to me felt like a short story (a novella at best) fleshed out produce a full length novel. It wasn't just that the characters felt undeveloped, that I didn't know their back stories, it was that their stories in this novel never seemed to progress; that despite individual chapters being given over to the perspective of one particular character at a time I didn't feel I got to know any of them. 

Largely billed as a cosy heartwarming festive romance that will make you laugh out loud. Cosy, I'll give you. Heart warming ... Hmm. As for a romance?  Not too big on romances to begin with (at least this one was neither too steamy nor nauseatingly sickly sweet as to be off putting) I do think romance fans may be disappointed by it though. And as for humorous? OK, so some of it raised a bit of a smile but laugh out loud? I can't say I did but then, all of it, its all subjective.

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Kelly said...

I appreciate your review and it doesn't sound like one for me. Too many things seem to have fallen short.

Brian Joseph said...

It does not sound like my cup of tea. It seems that it might be a bit lacking even for folks who might otherwise like it.

Suko said...

I appreciate your honest review, Felicity. I hope the next book you open is more your liking.

nightwingsraven said...

I am sorry that this book was a
disappointment. And neither would
I appreciate it.
But thank you for your honest and
nuanced review.

Gina said...

So the cover caught my eye and the synopsis sounds good...but the whole fleshed out novella feel may be the breaking point for me. Who knows? I do love a good contemporary romance, so perhaps. Thanks for sharing!