22 Nov 2019


Genre: Children  5- 8 years old
One of the many bloggers participating in this Book Tour (for links to all  the others please see below) so capably organised by Rachel's Random Resources, its my pleasure to be sharing my thoughts on Lottie Sparkles' Magical Discovery by Petra Quelch.

Who wouldn't like a magical jacket?

Lottie Sparkles is a little girl who loves everything sparkly,mainly clothes. Anything plain or dirty is a
disgrace in Lottie s mind! When Lottie is sent to spend time with her lovely grandparents in the
countryside, she is furious because that essentially means smelly animals, lots of puddles and hard
work! But what she certainly didn't count on was coming face to face with a magical object.
- Synopsis

SOURCE ... Received with thanks from Tour organiser Rachel.


MY THOUGHTS ... The story of a fashionable young lady who is sent off to holiday with her Grandad George and Grandma Ada in the village of Nosegobbled only to have any number of indignities befall her and her beautiful clothes as she ventures around their farm ... that is until she comes across something quite magical.

A fun tale that I'm sure will delight children who will no doubt giggle at the mere mention of Nosegobbled (the village in which Lottie's grandparent's live) and a hamsterrel (a cross between a hamster and a squirrel, but of course you knew that already, right?) to say nothing of the, err, accidents that befall her beautiful clothes at the hands (or should that be hooves and paws?) of the various farmyard animals. For myself?


For myself ...

In a market flooded with stories that appeal to both boys and girls, that feature girls doing activities traditionally thought to be for boys, that tell of daring princesses rescuing their prince, I thought this a brave move in so much as that whilst of course there will be boys out there who will doubtlessly enjoy reading of the exploits of Lottie to my mind this is unashamedly aimed at young girls into all things sparkly ... And why not? There are some out there after all.

I only wish Lottie had been ever so slightly more likeable. Though that said, there are worse (and far less fun) ways to spark a conversation about behaviour than by getting children to discuss whether Lottie behaving as she does was good/bad and how she (they if they had been in her shoes) might have behaved differently.


MEET PETRA ... The author loves everything sparkly and glittery but hopefully,she says, she is not a diva like Lottie from her book. Aside from all the glitz and glamour,she is a collector of magical books, tea sets, movies and a huge fan of chocolate. She has two little girls also known as "The Little Book-Fairies" with a BIG imagination. 


Gina said...

Well I do share a slight love of sparkly things with little Lottie! :)

Kelly said...

While not perhaps a children's book I'd gravitate to initially, you do make it sound appealing.

Suko said...

The title and cover are appealing, and it sounds as if the story is, too. Lovely review, Felicity!

Brian Joseph said...

I guess if unlikable characters can be interesting in adult books, then they can be interesting in children’s books.

I would not mind finding a magical jacket.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

I have to say that the cover art doesn't really do it for me at all. It would surely never really stand out on the shelves of the bookshop, given all the vibrant colourful covers there are about these days. Also, if Lottie likes all things sparkly, then that should be reflected in the cover art, so that it is tied to the story in some way!

I know what you mean about the availability of gender neutral books, but speaking from someone who sells quite a large number of children's books each week, it is still very obvious that boys and girls are still selecting books which were traditionally marketed to them by gender. The little girls will still generally choose 'princess and sparkly stories', whilst little boys will still opt for 'Thomas The Tank or Cars'. I guess that things like 'Paw Patrol' and 'Peppa Pig' are beginning the seed change, but that is going to be some time away yet I think!

This is not a book for anyone I know, but I wish the author every success and thanks for the lovely feature :)


sherry fundin said...

cute cover.
sherry @ fundinmental

nightwingsraven said...

From what you said the book
conveys its message in a
creative way. But I am very
uncertain if an unlikeable
character like Lottie would
appeal to readers whether they
are young or old.

DMS said...

I would like a magic jacket. :) I hadn't heard of this story before and I enjoyed hearing your thoughts. Wishing Petra the best of luck!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sounds like a cute read, and one that could lead to discussions since Lottie isn't always so well behaved!


Literary Feline said...

My daughter is among those who likes all things sparkly--and pink, for that matter. She'd probably like this.